The 22 Best 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Your Other Half Will Love

A decade of marriage—what an incredible journey! Finding a present deserving of such a big milestone might be a little intimidating, but lucky for you, there’s already a selection of unique 10th wedding anniversary gift ideas you can take inspiration from. Ready to get started?


1. What Are The Symbols Of The 10th Wedding Anniversary?

We want to state that it’s totally ok for you to go for the regular bouquet of flowers or a sparkly piece of jewelry. But if you feel like stepping it up a notch this year, then why don’t you give a themed gift? So here are those associated with the 10-year wedding anniversary:

10th anniversary gift
10th wedding anniversary gift guide
  • Traditional gift: Tin’s strength and durability symbolize a marriage that’s stood the test of time. Tin may not be the chicest sounding gift in the world, but it has traditionally been used to store and preserve things, which is why it makes a great pick to honor a decade of love.
  • Contemporary gift: Diamond is regarded as the hardest natural material in the world. With that in mind, it makes sense that this durable gemstone should symbolize 10 years of marriage.
  • Gemstone: Diamond is also a symbol of the 10th-year anniversary gemstone. Besides, alternative stones are Onyx, Crystal or Green Tourmaline. 
  • Color: Silver or blue have been deemed traditional colorways for celebrating a decade of marriage.
  • Flower: Daffodil is the representative of the tenth-anniversary floral gift. Its meaning is honesty, forgiveness as well as faith. Since this flower returns every spring, it indicates love in a marriage that is given unconditionally. Plus, the silver or blue rose is a romantic alternative for this anniversary, in keeping with the color theme, and the symbol of eternal love that a rose represents.

2. Ideas For Your 10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

2.1. Traditional 10-year wedding anniversary gift suggestions

2.1.1. Couple tin mug

This vintage-style white mug is perfect for sharing hot chocolate under the stars. How romantic! Moreover, you can easily customize it with the couple’s names and a date in order to add a one-of-a-kind look to your mug. Because these are crafted from metal, they’ll be shatter-proof and ready to be taken on the park picnic and getaway trips as well.

tin mug
10th wedding anniversary gift – Image via Pinterest

2.1.2. Tin candles

A tin gift doesn’t have to cost the earth. It’s all about expressing your deep sincerity to your other half. There are a plethora of scents and personalized designs available, so the thing is to pick out which one is the most suitable. You can go for the themed-flower scent which is daffodil or rose.

tin candle
10th wedding anniversary gift – Image via Brighten devors

2.1.3. Personalized heart-shaped tin

We bet your lover may go wow when receiving this unique 10th wedding anniversary gift. Each of the 10 ‘reasons’, which are represented for 10 years together, will be customized and provided by you. They are then printed onto delicate little hearts and everything is ready to be opened when appropriate.


heart shaped tin
10th wedding anniversary gift – Image via Not on the high street

2.1.4. Personalized tin wallet card

This gorgeous gift works well for the 10-year anniversary traditional theme. Let’s write a heartfelt note to your loved one on this metal card, which they can carry along day in and day out.

tin wallet card
10th wedding anniversary gift – Image via Madikay designs

2.1.5. Personalized tin keyring

We can’t think of a sweeter way to show your love after 10 years than this adorable keyring. It is such a meaningful gift that can be personalized with your wedding date and your own quote. So everything they grab the keys, you are the first one who springs to their mind.

tin keyring
10th wedding anniversary gift – Image via Dammi 1 idea

2.1.6. Memento tin box

This memento box will be the perfect place to hold all those special keepsakes. Both of you can fill it with special things like a copy of your wedding invitations, photos of memorable moments and holidays together, or tickets to places you have been, just to name a few.

anniversary tin box
10th wedding anniversary gift – Image via Make Memento

2.1.7. Special dates tin print

This metal print is such a beautiful reminder of all those milestones – like the date the two of you met when you got engaged and your wedding anniversary. In case you have a memory like a goldfish, this helpful assistant will remind you whenever those dates come around.

metal print
10th wedding anniversary gift – Image via Not on the high street

2.1.8. Coffee tin box

Does your other half take an avid interest in coffee? Then this “Happy Tin Years” coffee tin box will be just perfect for them.


anniversary coffee tin
10th wedding anniversary gift – Image via Unique ideas

2.1.9. Tin sundial 

Here’s another unique tin present for the couple celebrating a decade together. The chic metal sundial will look stunning in any corner in your home or garden as long as there is the abundance of sunlight.

Tin sundial as a 10th wedding anniversary gift – Image via Etsy

2.2. Modern 10th wedding anniversary gift suggestions

2.2.1. Diamond couple rings

Let’s be honest! Who doesn’t like diamond accessories, especially a diamond ring? And the 10th anniversary is such a milestone to go extra by giving your lover a pricey surprise.

diamond ring
10th wedding anniversary gift – Image via Aliexpress

2.2.2. Diamond curve necklace for her

If you’re looking for a diamond necklace that will be classic and timeless then this gorgeous diamond pendant one is a perfect choice. It’s beautiful on its own or stacked with other jewelry and can be worn with any attire, from drinks with friends to work.

diamond necklace
10th wedding anniversary gift – Image via Monica Vinader

2.2.3. Diamond X hoop earrings for wife

If your spouse is a huge fan of subtle sparkle, these infinity diamond earrings are a must-have. Here is a useful tip for you in case you’re feeling overwhelmed on your hunt for the perfect diamond jewelry. Just focus on what she usually wears!

diamond earrings
10th wedding anniversary gift for her – Image via The knot

2.2.4. Diamond watch – 10th wedding anniversary gift for him

It is said that watches are a meaningful symbol of your time together. If your budget is on the bigger side, check out this Citizen Calendrier watch. What makes this present even more intriguing is that it can keep track of the day, month and phases of the moon.

diamond watch
10th wedding anniversary gift – Image via The knot

2.2.5. Vintage diamond cufflinks for husband

A diamond watch for your husband can probably go over budget. Don’t worry, let’s switch for a pair of vintage diamond cufflinks. They certainly upgrade your lover’s formal suit.

diamond cufflinks
10th wedding anniversary gift – Image via Susann Lovis

2.2.6. Diamond glass set

The fact is a wedding anniversary gift doesn’t need to carry a hefty price tag. Even a  diamond glass set can do the job just as well as a pricier option. After all, the excellence of a gift lies in your sincerity rather than in the gift’s value.

diamond glass set
10th wedding anniversary gift – Image via Rum Info

2.3. 10-Year wedding anniversary floral gift suggestions

2.3.1. Daffodil perfume

Each person has their own taste of fragrance. But we bet no one can resist the temptation of this special perfume. It has a light, almost playful floral scent with hints of greenery so regardless of being used in any season, the daffodil perfume always brings a comfortable yet unique feel.

daffodil perfume
10th wedding anniversary gift – Image via The Library of Fragrance

2.3.2. Silver rose wall art

A timeless flower, the rose is no doubt a symbol of very powerful love emotions. And when it is put into art, the rose represents the passionate love of the couple. Moreover, silver roses won’t rust and keep their shine over time, so this image in the wall art symbolizes resilience and strength, and hence a long-lasting commitment.

canvas for 10 year couple
Buy this canvas as a 10th wedding anniversary gift

2.3.4. Personalized rose blanket

What’s even better than watching TV on the couch together with this fleece blanket on? As the themed flower for the 10th wedding anniversary is blue rose, you can request that the color be changed to blue.

rose blanket
Personalized rose blanket – 10th wedding anniversary gift

2.4. Alternative 10-Year anniversary gift ideas

Just because it’s called the tin anniversary doesn’t mean you have to give a metal gift. In general, the modern and traditional themes are guidelines rather than the hard and fast rules. Besides, it is true that, after 10 years, you probably know your other half like the back of your hand. Whatever you think would be a great present, go for it!

2.4.1. Street sign wall art

Well, you’ve made it 10 years together. And during those 10 years, the appearance of each new member in the family always marks an unforgettable milestone. So if you’re looking for a sweet and thoughtful gift on such an occasion, a tin street sign canvas is the one.

10th anniversary canvas
Discover this 10th wedding anniversary wall art

2.4.2. You’re still the one canvas

Why don’t you turn the lyrics of your favorite song into unique artwork? With this “You are still the one” canvas, you can tell your partner: “whether it is 10 years or 50 years, I will love you for a lifetime.”

10th wedding anniversary canvas
10th wedding anniversary canvas for your spouse

2.4.3. Pencil sketch canvas

Your memorial photo may now be turned into a pencil sketch artwork. More than just wall art, It is like a keepsake of your unforgettable moments – the time both of you can no longer turn back. 

sketch canvas for 10th anniversary
Sketch canvas for 10th wedding anniversary

2.4.4. All of me loves all of you canvas

Are you and your lover into John Legend’s melody? If there are two “yes”, bring this wall art home, decorate it above the bed and both of you can hum along to the song. So romantic!

10th anniversary wall art
All of you loves all of me wall art for your 10th anniversary

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