12 Super Wall Decor For Bedroom To Enhance Your Room

After a long, hectic day, your bedroom is where you relax and refresh, so you surely want your room to be more wonderful. Ready to craft a superb bedroom with 12 brilliant wall decor for bedroom?



Large Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Hang a Quilt, Blanket, or Tapestry

Hanging a blanket, tapestry, or quilt is an easy way to cover a huge wall. Furthermore, if they are dense enough, blankets or tapestries will help soundproof your bedroom. As long as you like it, it may be from any style such as vintage, modern, etc.

Baseball blanket for your loved one.

Large Canvas Wall Art

There are three reasons why should large canvas in the bedroom:

  • Something is satisfying about seeing a piece of awesome artwork in your house.
  • A large canvas to be the focal point of a room and have a big impact on your space.
  • Canvas wall decor for bedroom can personalize your space when you’re not permitted to paint the walls or make big changes.

Some large canvas suggestions for you:

Large canvas for any bedroom.


Paint a Mural

Take your bedroom’s wall from boring by painting a mural on it. Some mural painting tips for you:

  • Clean and primming the wall before painting.
  • If you don’t have many murals techniques, you can use a projector to project your image onto the wall. Then draw follow the painting goes. This tip applies only to simple paintings.
  • Make sure kids, dogs, and other creatures of curiosity steer well clear of the mural while your wall is still wet.
image via: pinterest.com – wall decor for bedroom.

Bedroom wall decor ideas Floating Shelves

You can place shelves on the wall on either side of the bed. Then you can place books or other decorative items on floating shelves. Don’t place to install shelves is directly over the bed because items can fall to endanger you.

image via: amazon.com

Poster-size Print of Your Own Photograph

Do you have a beautiful shot from your last holiday on your tablet or a memory card? So, why not print it and enjoy it every day? What a perfect wall decor for bedroom!

image via: desenio.com

Small Bedroom Decor

Neon Signs on Wall

Using neon signs in interior design has been a trend over the past few years. Having a word or phrase scribbled in neon lights makes the bedroom chic, contemporary, and playful all at once.

image via: etsy.com – small bedroom decor

Small Size Canvas

Some canvases with sizes you can decorate a small bedroom without feeling crowded:

  • Small wall art: 16×20″, 10×20″, 11×14″
  • Medium wall art: 20×40″, 24×30″, 16×32″, 20×24″
Canvas has small, medium and large size.

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Hang Magazine Holders

Have a magazine set and a blank wall? That is fantastic. A magazine holder is ideal for filling a long, narrow space on your wall that has been bugging you.

Magazine holder for small bedroom decor (image via nymag.com)

Wall decor for bedroom Use Mirror

If you have an empty wall in a gloomy corner, using a mirror to brighten it up is an excellent solution. Not only will it fill the wall, but it will also reflect more light into your room, making it appear brighter. Another special thing is that mirrors look awesome anywhere.

Wall decor for bedroom (image via Pinterest.com)

Kids Bedroom Decor

Personalized Canvas Print

Just with your child’s photo, you will have a beautiful personalized canvas. This canvas is also a special customized gift for your kid’s birthday.

Kids bedroom decor Personalized canvas.

Paint Color Blocks

Color blocks are appealing to children. With color, you will let your child’s imagination run wild. Even though it won’t cost you much, you can produce spectacular effects for a kid’s bedroom with only a couple of colors and some tape.

Wall decor for bedroom (image via Pinterest.com)

Wall Decals for Kids’ Rooms

From tiny stickers perfect for creating fun patterns for walls in your kid’s bedroom. For families renting apartments, you can choose stickers when removing them without leaving marks.

Kids bedroom decor (image via madeofsundays.com)

Above are 12+ wall decor for bedroom to enhance your room. Hopefully, with our suggestions, you will be able to improve the appearance of your bedroom.