The 16 Best 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts Trend For 2022

The third wedding anniversary is an excellent time to ignite the spark of love. You may plan something special to commemorate your three years of love and loyalty. Our collection of the 3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas is bound to inspire you to plan the ideal celebration. Let’s jump right in and find wonderful gifts for your partner.


1. Traditional Theme – Leather

By the third year of marriage, a couple is aware of the durability of their relationship. As a result, leather gift effectively represents this stage of marriage. It’s a flexible and durable material that can protect and keep people warm. These qualities of leather are the same qualities that help a marriage thrive. On our list, you’ll discover a variety of wonderful leather presents.

1.1. Leather Shoes

“Good shoes take you good places”. What do you think about gifting your husband a pair of leather shoes? Or you can choose shoes for the couple so that you can go for a romantic walk together.

leather shoes for couple
The 3rd wedding anniversary gift (image via Shutterstock)

1.2. Leather Wallet

Nothing says sharp and sophisticated more than the personalized leather wallet with your message for your partner on the third anniversary. A perfect leather wallet for your spouse who enjoys the rustic yet elegant beauty of fine leather.

3rd anniversary gift for him
The 3rd-anniversary gift for him (image via Pinterest)
3rd anniversary gift for her
The 3rd-anniversary gift for her (image via Etsy)

1.3. Leather Watch

A sophisticated leather watch is an excellent addition to your partner’s collection. A watch engraved with your own message to your lover is a fantastic leather present, just as romantic and sweet as a heartfelt card with flowers.

Leather Third Wedding Anniversary Gift
Leather 3rd wedding anniversary gift (image via Etsy)

2. Modern 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift – Crystal

Wedding gifts have undergone massive changes over the years. For a modern twist on the 3rd wedding anniversary gift, crystal and glass become symbolic of clarity and indicate how well a married couple knows each other.

2.1. Custom Photo Glass Art

This romantic glass plaque will show a photo of your choice and a special song you’ve both made your own such as your wedding song. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift your other half will treasure. This third wedding anniversary present will make an impression on your three years together.

Custom Spotify Glass Art
Custom Spotify Glass Art

2.2. Jewelry Box

Give your wife a beautiful home for their jewelry when she doesn’t wear it. This crystal jewelry box makes prized possessions inside can still be appreciated even when they’re not being worn.

Crystal Jewellery Box
Crystal Jewellery Box (image via The Yellow door)

2.3. Crystal Wine Glasses

A crystal wine glass set is one of the greatest third-anniversary gift ideas for couples who enjoy a nice scotch. This gift will make sipping their favorite beverages at their wedding anniversary party much more pleasurable. You may personalize it even further by adding their names and wedding date.

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift
Personalized crystal wine glass set (image via Keepitpersonal)

3. Traditional Flower – Sunflower

sunflower anniversary gift
The 3rd wedding anniversary gift (image via Impact Photography)

Sunflowers symbolize the foundation of a solid marriage with loyalty and radiating love. You can give your beloved a lush sunflower bouquet, which is sure to brighten their day and your home. In addition to fresh sunflowers, you can also refer to some sunflower gifts for the anniversary:

3.1. Sunflower Necklace

As mentioned, a sunflower is a sign of happiness, loyalty, and adoration. Therefore, the necklace featuring a sunflower pendant is an ideal gift for the sunshine in your life. Your wife will cherish it as you do her. This “happy” flower will brighten up your anniversary!

Sunflower Necklace
Sunflower Necklace (image via Etsy)

3.2. Sunflower Canvas

The sunflowers spread cheerfully and brighten anywhere. The wall art with sunflowers will bring fresh flair into your space. Not only does sunflowers canvas fit beautifully into any room, but it is also a fantastic 3rd wedding anniversary gift for your partner.

sunflower gift
Sunflower gift canvas

Additionally, a personalized sunflower wall decor makes a unique gift with your precious memory. By adding your names and the special date and choosing a meaningful photo, you will have a romantic gift with timeless beauty for your anniversary.

sunflower wall art
My Heart Needed You canvas

3.3. Leather Sunflower

This gift combines traditional (leather) and modern (glass) third wedding anniversary gift themes with sunflowers symbolizing happiness, loyalty, and good luck. This beautiful leather flower representing the sun’s warmth will make a perfect gift for your wife.

leather sunflower
Sunflower gift for 3rd wedding anniversary (image via Etsy)

4. Wedding Anniversary Canvas Art

4.1. Coastal Wedding Date Wall Art

If you have memorable moments by the sea or your spouse loves coastal style, this stunning wall art canvas is a meaningful anniversary gift to communicate the emotion you hold dear to your heart.

3rd wedding anniversary gift
Wedding date wall art

4.2. Wedding Song Lyrics Canvas

A heart-shaped song lyrics canvas with your names and wedding dates is a unique addition to your home. A wedding song gift might provide a personal touch to the anniversary because it helps save your precious memory.

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift
3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift – Wedding song gifts

4.3. Led Me Straight To You Canvas

It might be difficult to say out loud love words so you can express love with a special present on your anniversary. Personalized canvas gifts with the loving and meaningful quote “God Blessed The Broken Road That Led Me Straight To You” is a stunning gift for your spouse.

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift
Led Me Straight To You canvas

4.4. You & Me Wall Art

With your meaningful wedding photo, you will create your own You & Me canvas for the 3rd wedding anniversary gift. This personalized art canvas will help showcase your love and devotion to your partner.

you & me wall art
You & Me wall art

Anniversaries also help couples create new memories. Hopefully, the options provided here give you some awesome anniversary gift ideas. If you have another idea for the 3rd wedding anniversary gift, leave a comment, we’d love to hear it. Thank you.