20 Best 5-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For 2022

Cheers to five years! Do you know what this means? You’re halfway to a decade with each other. It’s time to celebrate and of course, that usually includes a special gift to mark the occasion. 

We know that you’ve spent hours sifting through tons and tons of articles just to find the right gift. Don’t worry, we got your back! Here are some 5 year wedding anniversary gift ideas we’ve picked out for this remarkable day.


1. What are the symbols of the five-year wedding anniversary?

Each year of marriage has its own set of symbols to help you choose the right gift. If you’ve been together for five years, don’t let this special milestone slip. Here are those associated with the fifth wedding anniversary:

5th anniversary symbols
5 year wedding anniversary gift theme
  • Traditional Gift: Wood symbolizes the strength of your marriage bond. It also indicates a solidified relationship as trees start from a slender form and become harder to survive through the rigors of time.
  • Contemporary Gift: The modern gift is considered to be silverware, as a mark of purity and strength. It brings to mind the connection of loved ones sharing a meal with each other and with their families as well.
  • Gemstone: Sapphire or pink tourmaline are the gems associated with this anniversary. Besides their striking beauty, they symbolize wisdom, faithfulness, and sincerity towards one another.
  • Color: The 5 year anniversary is commemorated with blue, pink, or turquoise. 
  • Flower: Daisies are the representative of the fifth-anniversary floral gift. Each of the daisy’s petals radiates outwards from the center. The middle represents the intense bond at the core of the couple’s relationship. This symbolizes the ways the couple will expand and grow together.

2. Gift Ideas for Your 5th Wedding Anniversary

In case you are wavering between celebrating your first five years as a married couple this way or that way, the time-honored symbol – Wood – can be a good start to find a special gift. 

2.1. Traditional 5 year wedding anniversary gift

2.1.1. Framed wall art – gift for the fifth wedding anniversary

For an anniversary gift that will obviously earn itself a place of honor on the couple’s over-the-bed space, a wooden framed canvas is always a good choice. More than just ready-made wall art, you can request to customize it with the couple’s first or last names and wedding date.

5th anniversary wall art
Get this 5th-anniversary wall art

If you have a couple of memorial photos taken with each other, a pencil sketch canvas is a perfect choice you could go for. It is like a memory-keeper and proof of your long-lasting love as well. People may be green with envy when seeing this gorgeous artwork.

sketch canvas for 5th anniversary
Buy this sketch canvas now!

Or why don’t you turn the lyrics of your favorite song into unique artwork? Choose some remarkable lines from your wedding song, and they’ll be displayed with the song‘s staves as well as the customizable wedding date. We bet this canvas will be a magical memory that fills both of you with nostalgia for those good old days.

wedding song lyrics wall art
Discover this song lyrics wall art


2.1.2. Personalized cutting board 

How cool is this? This one-of-a-kind chopping board may be found nowhere else but on your countertop. You can have it crafted out of any kind of natural wood from cherry, walnut to oak.

5 year wedding anniversary gift -
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via Grain Well

2.1.3. Wooden world map

Do you and your spouse take an avid interest in traveling? If the answer is a big yes, let us introduce you to such a perfect anniversary gift. This world map is engraved by laser and handcrafted from sturdy plywood to create a sense of the rustic look. 

fifth wedding anniversary gift
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via Ubuy

The set also includes a box of push pins so that you can mark off all the places the two of you have explored over the past five years.

2.1.4. Wooden heart necklace

Carved in the shape of a heart and crafted from solid maple wood, this chic pendant is doubly symbolic. It is super lightweight and ideal for daily wearing.

wedding anniversary gift
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via Davidson Workshop

Every piece of wood is naturally different so the grain in your jewelry may be one-of-a-kind. Since the pendants are made from wood it is not recommended that you shower or swim while wearing them.

2.1.5. Wooden watch

This classy watch would make a perfect fifth-anniversary gift. The combination of the wooden plated border and thick brown leather strap gives it a laid-back yet stylish feel. So that’s fit for just about anyone’s personal style.

wooden watch for anniversary
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via Wood Watch

2.1.6. Wooden heart dish set

These wooden heart dishes are a perfect gift to elevate your kitchen’s look. You can use them as other normal dishes to contain foods. Additionally, this is a great place to keep your lover’s rings and jewelry. How wonderful!

5 year wedding anniversary present
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via Connected Goods

2.1.7. Woody Perfumes

Instead of giving something made of wood, you can buy your lover a sense of wood. It is true each person is different regarding their taste in fragrance, there’s no doubt that woodsy scents feel sophisticated and cool.

5th wedding anniversary gift ideas
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via Pinterest

In case you are a perfume newbie, we suggest Le Labo Santal 33 is a perfect choice since it boasts a delightfully delicate and powdery note of sandalwood, and hence appeals to every mood, outfit, or personality.

2.1.8. Wooden sunglasses

If your lover is addicted to sunglasses, this cool pair of sunnies with a bamboo wood frame may blow a new wind to his or her gorgeous collection. Its polarized lenses are also designed to highly protect your honey’s eyes for the long haul.

5 year wedding anniversary gift
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via Aarniwood

2.1.9. Wooden Photo Album

Photo gifts never go out of style! This wooden photo album will make an impression to celebrate your fifth wedding anniversary. You can request to customize the photo book cover with names, dates, and your own favorite design.

wedding anniversary gift
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via Pinterest

2.2. Modern gifts for five year anniversary

2.2.1. Blue flatware set

As we’ve said, if a traditional wooden gift is not your style, silverware is another go-to gift for the fifth wedding anniversary. This contemporary set will certainly upgrade your everyday dinner. Get a blue set, if possible, because this is the fifth-anniversary color theme.

blue flatware gift for couple
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via Aliexpress

2.2.2. Engraved spreading knives

If your other half is always reaching for the peanut butter jar, here’s a thoughtful fifth-anniversary gift for him or her. Each of these vintage-style spreading knives is stamped with a cute quip like “we’re better together” and “you’re the PB to my J.”

fifth wedding anniversary gift
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via The knot

2.2.3. Stamped coffee spoons

Are you and your lover huge fans of coffee? Then we bet this set of stainless steel spoons hand-stamped with fun phrases like “rise and grind” and “whole latte love” will upgrade your daily caffeine routine.

5 year wedding anniversary gift
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via Pinterest

2.3. Gemstone gifts for the fifth wedding anniversary

2.3.1. Sapphire couple rings 

A stunning sapphire ring will do its best to surprise your other half in this meaningful milestone. Some people may say it’s not worth squandering your savings for a piece of jewelry. But with half a decade down and a lifetime to go, we must say giving your lover a ring, even a couple rings, is considered to mark such an important occasion.

gift for five year couple
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via DHgate

2.3.2. Sapphire couple bracelets

Prefer gemstones over wood? The blue sapphire is featured in this pair of bracelets, which is both classic and elegant. The simple design allows it to be worn on its own or can be paired with other pieces for a dressed-up look. 

gift for five years couple
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via Pinterest

2.3.3. Sapphire cufflinks

Not many people think of cufflinks when it comes to a 5 year wedding anniversary gift. Sapphire cufflinks are regarded to level up your lover’s formal outfit on some special occasions.

5th anniversary gift
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via Aliexpress

2.4. Floral gifts for the fifth wedding anniversary

2.4.1. Daisy resin light – fifth wedding anniversary gift

This flower & resin sculpture is truly a work of art and just the perfect gift for a 5 year wedding anniversary. The warm lights illuminate the flower structures and colors along with the fine copper wire that entwines them. This looks best in almost every room corner and every season, especially during winter time!

5 year anniversary gift
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via Etsy

2.4.2. Daisy wall art

If you fancy giving a present that can be kept for a lifetime rather than a bunch of daisies, we bet this lovely wall art will obviously satisfy your need. Plus, you can get that canvas framed for a more vintage look. 

daisy wall art
Discover this daisy wall art at Hayooo


2.4.3. Daisy keychain

You can present this daisy keychain to your other half so that he or she can turn it into a car keychain. Besides, why don’t you customize it with the first letter in your lover’s name? How cute! 

5th wedding anniversary presents
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via Facebook

2.4.4. Daisy scented candle

Your spouse will immediately fall in love with this bright blend of wild daisies and fresh pink peonies. Lovely, fruity, and delicious is all we want to say about this beautiful scent. In addition, Marc Jacobs daisy candle is another option you can consider, though the price is a little bit higher.

5th anniversary gift
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via LH candles studio

2.4.5. Daisy clay mug

No one can resist the adorable beauty of this daisy clay mug. Even though it is hand-made of white earthenware clay, which gives a natural beige, the design is professionally executed.

5 year wedding anniversary gift
5 year wedding anniversary gift – Image via Etsy

Let’s wrap this blog post up by saying congratulations on your 5 year anniversary again. We know that however, your lives have changed in the last five years, the most important thing is that they have grown together. 

If you want us to write more about wedding anniversary gift ideas, just leave a comment below. And don’t forget to enter your name and email in the “ Join our VIP list” box to access our special excluded offers.