15+ Amazing Baseball Birthday Party Ideas For Kids You Should Know

We all know coming up with some baseball birthday party ideas is always a daunting task as these parties can quickly get over budget and out of hand. In case you’re planning one, keep scrolling down because we’ve got all your bases covered!

You may no longer struggle with what to give as a gift or how to decorate the party in the right way. Here are some fabulous baseball party ideas for kids that we’ve listed out.

1. Baseball Birthday Party Invitations

Making invitations is not as hard as it may seem. Instead of purchasing them, you can have a personalized touch with your inviting cards. 

If you are pretty good at drawing, let your invitations be hand-crafted. Or else you can go to Pinterest and pick your favorite baseball-themed invitation designs. They are all available and free to download.

1.1. Baseball Ticket Invitations

Let’s create a sport or event-type ticket with your child’s name as the main event. For example, there are many baseball tickets – make a mock copy of your favorite team’s ticket.  You can go to Pinterest for more creative examples.

baseball invitation
Baseball ticket invitations – Image via Key Forrest

1.2. Baseball Shaped Invitation

The idea to make or buy invitations with the size and shape of baseballs, baseball fields, hotdogs, or crackerjacks sounds unique and stunning.

baseball shaped invitation
Baseball-shaped invitations – Image via Peartree

2. Baseball Birthday Party Ideas – Decorations

2.1. Baseball Color Theme

The party area is the main space where everyone gathers around to have fun and chit-chat. You can decorate this area with the colors of your child’s favorite baseball team. Or else red, white, and blue are a safe option as they go well with a generic baseball party theme.

2.1.1. Red, blue, and white theme

baseball birthday color
The combination of red, blue, and white – Image via Catch my party

2.1.2. Baseball team color theme

giant baseball birthday
Orange & Black – Giant team color theme – Image via Pinterest

2.2. Decorative Accessories

Don’t forget to include a baseball banner, pennants, and posters of your child’s favorite teams and players in the decor. They are little things that make the birthday party more perfect.

2.2.1. Baseball banner

The baseball banner should be personalized with your child’s name on it to make him or her feel like an MVP because he or she is the star today, not someone else, right? So let’s write the name in a stunning color like red or yellow to be highly outstanding at the birthday party. 

Baseball banner
Baseball birthday party ideas – Image via Pinterest

2.2.2. Pennants

You may use pennants to decorate the party area or to make a banner out of them one by one. These are very simple to make because all you need is some colored paper and sharp scissors. Pennants are accessible on the internet marketplaces such as Etsy and Amazon if you aren’t particularly creative.

baseball birthday pennants
Baseball birthday party ideas – Image via Catch my party

2.2.3. Front door decor

The biggest mistake people often make is ignoring the front entrance decor. Don’t leave the deadly door blank. The perfect idea is to greet guests as they arrive by accenting the main door with a collection of bats and a basket full of balls. 

baseball birthday gift
Front door decor – Image via Pinterest

Additionally, let’s create an eye-catching wreath by layering a floral wire form with baseball cards and mini baseballs.

3. Baseball birthday party activities

It’s undeniable that kids love games. So why don’t we celebrate small games during the party?

3.1. Ball in the hole

Keep the team busy by taking them outside for pitching practice. The throw board is simply a sheet of beadboard paneling with shapes jig-sawed in the center. 

Baseball birthday party games
Baseball birthday party games – Image via Pinterest

This game will be a fun way for everyone at the party to stay active and have a blast at the same time! And they get to show off their pitching!

3.2. World Series Game

In this game, everyone will need paper and a pencil.  Ask them to write down as many of the World Series winners – and the years! – that they can.  Present the winner with a small prize or baseball cards.

baseball world series game
Baseball birthday party ideas – Image via Dzone

3.3. Sliding practice

Why don’t you join in this activity and see who can slide the furthest? This is such an exciting activity that it will undoubtedly bring everyone together. But, be ready because the game is a big drain on everyone’s energy, indeed.

baseball party games
Sliding practice game – Image via Pinterest

4. Baseball birthday party food ideas

No baseball birthday party would indeed be complete without these popular ballpark food:

  • Hotdogs
  • Hamburgers
  • French fries
  • Peanuts
  • Cracker Jacks
  • Popcorn in a popcorn snack bag
  • Nachos
  • Cotton candy
  • Big League Chew
  • Ice cream sandwiches
Baseball birthday party food
Baseball birthday party food – Image via Pinterest

If you provide food that matches your baseball party theme, it will hit your guests. Still confused? We’ve got a few ideas for you.

4.1. Concession stand

Make sure your guests know where to get their snacks by hanging a concessions banner across the table front.

baseball concessions
Baseball birthday party ideas – Image via Pinterest

4.2. Concession menu

What’s even better is that you can design a concession menu with a “so-called” price and place it on the party table. 

Concesstion menu
Concession menu – Image via Pinterest

Usually, the guests just come to the concession stands and serve themselves. But it’s much more enjoyable now as they have to exchange something like a smile or a high five to get a treat.

4.3. Edible baseball donuts

You can pre-order plain white icing donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts or a local grocery store a few days before the party. So please pick them up early and turn them into baseballs using red melted chocolate! These are so incredibly easy to make and are sure to be a huge hit.

Baseball donuts
Baseball donuts – Image via Pinterest

4.4. Baseball field fruit tray

If you want to go for a healthy option, a baseball field fruit tray will satisfy the guest.

Baseball field fruit tray
Baseball field fruit tray – Image via Pinterest

5. Baseball gifts ideas

5.1. Canvases

A piece of wall art will make the perfect addition to any baseball lovers’ room. They can hang it above their bed, put it on the shelf, or even on the staircase wall where they pass through every single day. Meaning quotes written on these baseball canvases may encourage them to keep playing and urge them not to give up no matter what.

baseball wall art
Get this wall art at Canvaspersonalized Baseball Gifts Collection.

There is also some wall art that you may customize according to your preferences. For example, a canvas with your child’s image and the name is a one-of-a-kind gift that means a lot when presented as a birthday present.

baseball gift for son
This wall art as a birthday gift with a customized photo will be meaningful.

5.2. Blankets

baseball blanket
Discover this wonderful blanket at Canvaspersonalized

Let your children gear up for a relaxing evening spent watching baseball by gifting a baseball blanket. Just like baseball canvases, blankets can also be personalized the way you want them to be. Fantastic! Let’s say: “No baseball fan’s bed is complete without a baseball blanket.”

baseball blanket for boy
Present this baseball blanket as a gift to your child

5.3. Baseball bat rack

It appears that part of being a baseball fan is having an extensive collection of baseball memorabilia such as balls, bats, and baseball caps. Your sweetheart will need a display area for these items.

Baseball bat rack
Baseball birthday party ideas – Image via Pinterest

So this baseball bat rack is going to be perfect for them. They won’t have to throw the balls or bats somewhere in their room any longer.

5.4. Baseball tumbler

Some people tend to present baseball mugs, but why don’t we consider a baseball tumbler. Your son and daughter can only use cups at home since they are pretty fragile.

Baseball birthday party gift
Baseball birthday party ideas – Image via Pinterest

With a tumbler, everything is more flexible, indeed. It can be carried along with your sweetheart to the ballpark.

What about making it more personal by customizing your son or daughter’s name onto the tumbler and any meaningful quotes that may lift their spirit?

5.5. Baseball mitt candle

Only when the hottest season comes can we enjoy a happy time playing baseball. So to remind baseball fans of summertime and baseball season all year round, giving a baseball mitt candle as a birthday present is such a unique idea.

Whenever they light up the candle, it will come off a leather-based scent that smells like an actual baseball glove.

Baseball gifts
Etsy vendor My Country Store sells this unique candle – Image via My country story.

After reading this blog post, we hope you may no longer feel stressed when thinking of baseball birthday party ideas.

If any difficulties are still swirling around in your mind, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comment section. We are always ready to break it down for you. 

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