How To Pick A Birthday Gift For Dad Who Has Everything?

Many people admit that choosing the ideal gift for mom is tough, but getting a decent gift for dad is even more challenging. Why so? It’s in part because dad always claims that he has already had everything and wants nothing.

That is what he might say. But the truth is there are no gifts in the world that can compensate for everything he’s done for you, from attending each of your graduation ceremonies to giving sage advice on relationships, just to name a few.

Perhaps the journey in finding a birthday gift for dad who has everything has sent you down a dead end. Don’t worry! We’ve rounded up the best birthday gift for dad who has everything, including some tips on preparing and presenting it in the right way.

1. Birthday Gift-giving Tips

1.1. The preparation

1.1.1. What does a dad who has everything honestly want?

Let’s say maybe some people have everything they need. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want anything for their birthday. And even if they can easily afford everything, you know what they are unable to buy. It’s the love, the sincerity that you have put into the gift.

dad birthday present
Birthday gift for dad who has everything – Image via Evensi

The same goes for your dad. You may suppose there are no meaningful birthday gifts you can give him as he lacks nothing. But the truth is all he needs on this special day is a one-of-a-kind present. It generally means he just doesn’t want normal mass-produced items out there, he would love to receive a personalized gift that you’ve poured your heart and soul into, instead.

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

1.1.2. Key questions to find the perfect gift

It’s coming up to your dad’s birthday, and you’re wandering around the town from shop to shop or scrolling through endless online shop pages – hoping for inspiration to jump out from behind one of the shelves. The problem is that you don’t know how to narrow the list of those fabulous gifts down.

In this situation, we suggest that you should simply go through these crucial questions. After that, a couple of great ideas will magically pop into your head.

  • What does dad like?
  • What does dad dislike?
  • What is his style?
  • Are there any specific things between the two of you that have a special meaning?
  • Last but not least, what is your budget?

You may not notice, but only when you thoroughly understand the natural person in your father can you find a suitable gift for him.

gift for dad birthday
Birthday gift for dad who has everything – Image via 123rf

“The most important thing in the exchanging of gifts is it shows that you really know the person well, and you really care about them.” 

1.2. The presentation

1.2.1. When do you deliver the gift?

If you can give a gift in person, it’s just about always worth doing so. What’s even better than watching your dad’s joy radiate? But if your dad’s birthday is next Tuesday, and you live an ocean away, you’re better off expressing his gift.

birthday gift for dad
Birthday gift for dad who has everything – Image via Adobe Stock

Sometimes, it is not possible to present a gift on an actual day but to keep that excitement at its peak, you can give it in advance. Of course, everyone expects something on their birthday, but if it is not done on that day, you may disappoint your loved one.

In fact, it will be surprising for him if you are presenting before the day and then you can apologize or excuse for whatever the reason is. This will let your dad know that you remember his day and come up with a beautiful gift.

Still, we would say, try to present your dad on his birthday and make his day fantastic with full of surprises.

1.2.2. How do you deliver the gift?

Don’t stress over the pressure of how to make the presentation special. Giving a gift, after all, is an act of showing that you really love dad from the bottom of your heart. You may make it more special by carefully putting it in a box and tying a lovely ribbon around it. 

present for dad birthday
Birthday gift for dad who has everything – Image via We Are Weavers

In addition, it sounds like a good idea if you make a birthday gift card or maybe a simple short note like: ”To the man who has sacrificed his whole world, I love you.”

2. Birthday Gift For Dad Who Has Everything

As we’ve stated above, a meaningful gift is considered unique and personalized for the dad who has everything as it is only made for him and no one else. So here are some excellent selections that will never let your father down.


2.1. Give handmade goods – a birthday gift for dad

2.1.1. Handmade Cake – Gift For Dad

Best of all, a cake made by you, his loved one, makes the sweetest birthday gift. He deserves better than a store-bought cake on this special occasion, right? 

birthday gift for dad
Personalized gift for dad – Image via My Name is Yeh

So, first of all, let’s investigate in silence which cake flavor he’s into. Whether he fancies chocolate cake, cheesecake, or something unsweetened, in case he doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, try your best to make it the way he likes.

2.1.2. Hand-knitted gloves – Gift For Dad

It’s time for you to show your dexterity with a needle and some balls of wool. You don’t need to knit a big sweater which is pretty hard for beginners we may say.  What about starting from the easiest item, hand-knitted gloves? 

Gloves Gift For Dad
Personalized gift for dad – Image via Pinterest

There’s no better way to cover your dad’s hand from such an uncomfortable cold in the upcoming winter. His colleagues will certainly be green with envy when your dad proudly shows them these lovely gloves.

2.2. Give personalized birthday presents

2.2.1. Customized wall art for dad

Wall art for dad can be just as gratifying as anything else you can think of. It doesn’t have to be expensive artwork to show how much you love him. If you have some memorial photos with dad, a pencil sketch canvas is a perfect choice you should consider. 

It is like a memory-keeper, proving your fierce and boundless love for dad, that he certainly wants to hang in the bedroom.

Customized wall art for dad
Buy this sketch canvas now!

What about giving dad this street sign wall art? Dad constantly keeps in mind that family is the most important thing in the world. It’s the place where life begins, and love never ends.

So we bet he will be over the moon when receiving this as a meaningful birthday gift.

Street sign canvas for dad
Get this street sign canvas from Canvaspersonalized

Apart from the street sign wall art, this “Home sweet home” canvas is an unforgettable birthday gift that you should consider.

wall art for dad
Discover this “Home sweet home” wall art

2.2.2. Personalized blanket for dad

To make dad’s birthday more special, it would be an incredible idea to surprise him with a customized fleece blanket. So in case, you don’t know how to say “I love you, dad” in the right way, let this lovely message on the blanket do it for you.

Blanket for dad birthday
“To my Dad” blanket

2.2.3. Customized mug for dad

Almost every dad has a deep passion for drinks – coffee for a new day full of energy, tea for a peaceful afternoon and smoothie for a healthy dinner. So he’ll be thrilled to have this personalized mug to complement his deadly dull-looking one.

Mug gift for dad
Give Dad this baseball-themed mug as a birthday gift for dad who has everything

In case your dad is a huge fan of baseball, don’t hesitate to buy this cool baseball-themed mug. It will upgrade his baseball collection to a different level.

2.3. Give experiences, not objects

“Experiences sometimes can be more precious than a thing you have to keep forever.”

2.3.1. A concert ticket – personalized gift for dad

Does your dad like rock music or something like that? Then giving him a concert ticket as a perfect birthday gift will make him feel happier than ever for sure.

birthday gift for dad
Personalized gift for dad – Image via Shutterstock

Whether both of you share the same taste for music or not, it would be better if you arrange your time to go along with him. After the show, maybe you can take an interest in his music.

2.3.2. A short trip

Dad is always burying himself in his work, so he can’t afford the time off work to indulge in other relaxing outdoor activities. On this year’s birthday, you need to plan a short trip idea with dad because we guarantee that both of you will have a whale of time together. 

gift for dad on birthday
Personalized gift for dad – Image via Country Living

Why don’t you pack your bags for a night camp, a fishing trip, or even gas up the car for a casual road trip? 

2.3.3. A gym membership card

As your dad gets older, health care is the top priority he takes into consideration. Going to the gym is a fantastic option to motivate and encourage him to stay in tip-top shape and healthy all year round.

So let’s drop a hint by giving him a fitness membership card. 

birthday gift for dad
Personalized gift for dad – Image via Medical News Today

We hope this blog post has inspired you to find the perfect birthday gift for dad who has everything. Do you have any other difficulties in this topic and want us to break it down for you? Then just leave a comment below. 

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