20 Gorgeous Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas For Free-spirited Style

Bohemian style is making a comeback in homes all around the world. Boho decor is a great way to show your uniqueness and admiration of various cultures in your own house. Check out our compilation of Boho bedroom decor ideas to bring the Boho vibe into your room.

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1. What is Boho Style?

Bohemian decor is a vibrant, eclectic style with a global-inspired aesthetic. It’s the kind of style you’d associate with a free-spirited lover such as constant travelers, actors, and writers. Boho style is a lively combination of color, patterns, furniture types, and asymmetrical layouts.

boho bedroom decor
Boho Style (image via Modsy)

If you want to bring the boho aesthetic into your home, there are a few essential things you can add that will instantly help you capture those vibes.

2. Key Elements Of Boho Bedroom Decor

2.1. Boho color palettes

2.1.1. Neutral Boho Bedroom

A palette of neutrals could be perfect for you if you prefer a more grounded approach to boho decor. With soft neutrals, you may create a soothing spa-like atmosphere. You can try combining blue with neutrals to bring lightness and reassurance to the bedroom.

boho bedroom decor
Neutral Boho bedroom decor (image via Space Joy)

2.1.2. Earth Tones Boho Decor

With its earthy, rustic atmosphere, an earth tone color palette creates a similar sense of serenity as high-contrast neutrals, but with a little more color. You have the joy of adding color into your home with the simplicity of decorating with neutrals thanks to the subdued character of earth tones and the way they harmonize so well with one other.

Earthy Boho girl room
Earthy Boho girl room (image via Pinterest)

2.1.3. Greens and Pinks

A tropical atmosphere is created with a pink and green color scheme in a bohemian area! This color combination is youthful and energetic, which goes well with cane or rattan furniture and tropical patterns. To give this color palette a glam touch, include gold accents into your furniture or decor.

boho bedroom decor
Boho bedroom decor (image via Modsy)

2.2. Decorative Materials

Boho, the polar antithesis of simple, contemporary, and sleek, believes that “more is more.” The key to decorating a Boho space using ornamental elements is to mix and match. Burlap and sisal, two natural, basic materials, maybe mixed with silk and chenille. Pillows, drapes, and throw rugs blend with fringe, crochet, and macram√© to create a comfortable, globally-inspired hangout.

Boho decorations
Boho decorations (image via Pinterest)

2.3. Bohemian Furniture And Decor

2.3.1. Boho Bed

If you’re looking for the perfect boho bed, here are some pointers to get you started. Natural elements such as wood and rattan are popular in bohemian decor. Therefore, you should find a bed composed of these materials. Besides, look for organic shapes like curved rattan or carved wood, as well as light-colored solid wood frames.

boho bed
Boho Bedroom Decor (image via Wayfair)

And if you currently have a bed and don’t intend to replace it, concentrate on the bedding. That’s what we’ll look at next.

2.3.2. Bohemian Bedding

You should look for ruffled and ruched duvet covers, as well as rivulets blankets, to provide texture. A crushed velvet blanket will add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. Tasseled bedding is also quite bohemian. Faux fur thrown over the bed (or the floor) is another fantastic bohemian accent.

boho bedding
Boho bedroom decor (image via Pinterest)

2.3.3. Pillows

Finally, look at your pillows to get the bohemian appearance on your bed. To complete the boho aesthetic, pile mismatched cushions on the bed to give the area a more diverse sense.

Boho Pillows
Boho pillows (image via Amazon)

Pillow coverings are a little expenditure that has a tremendous impact. Throw pillows are also highly flexible because they may be used in different areas of your home if desired.

2.3.4. Bohemian Decor Rugs

There is no doubt about it: bohemian rooms almost always have at least one rug. And the best part is that you don’t need fantastic freshly refinished hardwood floors to have a lovely boho bedroom. The attention will be on the rug, not the flooring itself. Whether you have hardwood, laminate, tile, or carpet, a rug will play a significant part in creating a comfortable boho atmosphere in your bedroom.

If you’re not sure which rug type is ideal for the bohemian aesthetic, start with Persian and Moroccan rugs. Jute carpets can also be used to layer.

boho bedroom decor
Boho bedroom decor (image via Amazon)

2.3.5. Wall Art Prints

There is only one rule: don’t leave your walls naked. Hang a big-scale canvas to cover huge spaces. Or make a gallery wall with various pieces that can include your photograph canvas. Our advice is to select works of art or images that appeal to you in some manner and that you like looking at daily.

Abstract wall art for Boho decor
Abstract wall art for Boho decor (image via Amazon)

Turn your photos into canvas >>>

2.3.6. Boho Curtains

If your bedroom already has a lot going on in terms of design, a sheer white curtain would look great, especially if your walls are white as well.

boho curtains
Boho bedroom decor (image via Pinterest)

Once you’ve decided on a dominating hue for your curtains, choose a dramatic pattern. Either find a gauzy curtain with small white tassels or pom-pom trimming along the edges for added visual appeal.

2.3.7. Plants

Plants are also a must-have in a boho bedroom. Place your plants anywhere you can: on the floor, on furniture, on the window sill, and your shelves, or hang your plants. The snake plant or a peace lily is ideal for a bedroom that doesn’t get much light. Or go for faux plants if you want the greenery without the upkeep.

boho bedroom decor
Boho Plant Stand (image via Pinterest)

2.3.8. Macrame or Tapestry Wall Hanging

Create a centerpiece on one of your walls with tapestries or macrame wall hangings for a boho look for the bedroom. They serve as a focal point in the space and match the rest of the design.

Macrame wall hanging
Macrame wall hanging (image via Etsy)

2.3.9. Lighting

In your bedroom, a beaded, braided, or rattan pendant light with a warm bulb will look lovely. If space is limited, a wall-mounted sconce might be used instead of table lamps. This both saves room on your side table (assuming you have one) and looks great.

boho bedroom decor
Boho bedroom decor (image via Pinterest)

String lights are the archetypal bohemian lighting fixture. You may hang them over your headboard, above artwork, around plants, or a mirror. String lights can go almost anyplace and look amazing.

2.3.10. Another Popular Boho Decor

Here is a little recap of the most recognizable Boho ideas that will allow you to fill a corner in your bedroom:

  • Hand-carved nightstand
  • Sol wooden headboard
  • Boho Bedroom Dresser

The beauty of boho bedroom decor is that there are no rules. Therefore, by mixing and combining any of the elements on this list, you may easily design your own bohemian-style bedroom.