Top 20 Trending And Unique Christmas Gifts For Couples 2022

Christmas is a wonderful time for couples to spend together. Whether you’re shopping for a couple you know or just your other half, our top 20 Christmas gifts for couples will guarantee that they have a holiday season to remember.


1. Fun Christmas Gifts For Couples

1.1. Custom Canvas For Married Couples

A thoughtful gift is worth a thousand words. Give the couple a customized canvas that they will want to exhibit proudly in their living space. Custom wall art for couples is the perfect thing to celebrate any important life event, especially Christmas.

Christmas Gifts For Couples
Sketch Canvas For Couples

1.2. Our Moments Couples Game

This is a game full of entertainment for couples to generate fresh talks. For newlyweds, this is a fantastic Christmas present idea. You may use it on a lengthy road trip or a dating night to get to know each other better.

Our Moments couples (image via Amazon)

1.3. Custom His & Her Names Canvas

A canvas print for couples adorned with your names is a unique item for Christmas. This might particularly apply to newlywed pairs. Some couples may find customized goods too corny, but it’s the ideal gift for others.

Christmas Gifts For Couples
Christmas Gifts For Couples
Christmas Gifts For Couples
Him Or Her Happily Ever After

1.4. Camping Tent For Two

A tent is a great gift for adventurous couples. We propose a 2 or 3-person tent for your camp-loving couple to give endless years of use. It’s perfect for Christmas camping!

Camping Tent For Two
Christmas Gifts For Couples 2022

1.5. Photo Frame To Hold Memories

A set of photo frames is one of the simplest Christmas gifts for married couples. There are so many different types and frames that may be ornate. Especially newlyweds may require lots of frames to show their wedding photographs.

photo frame for couple
Photo frame for couples

1.6. A garden party

You can host an outside celebration at your home on Christmas Eve. Of course, this is subject to the weather. When it comes to outdoor events, the possibilities are limitless. Choose from a range of mouthwatering barbeque recipes to test on the grill, or pack a picnic hamper full of delectable snacks for a little party in the park with family or friends.

Christmas Gifts For Couples
Christmas Gifts For Couples (image via Unsplash)

1.7. First Dance Lyrics On Canvas

Your first dance canvas will help you remember your wedding. As long as you know the lyrics to any song you’ve ever danced to, you can turn it into lovely home decor.

Christmas Gifts For Couples
Custom lyrics canvas for couples
Christmas Gifts For Couples
Christmas Gifts For Couples – Canvas For Couples

2. Christmas Gifts For Him 2022

2.1. Custom Mug For Baseball Lover

If your boyfriend/husband is a baseball fan/player, you can give your lover a special mug with his name and number on it. Today, virtually everything can be personalized, making presents much more unique.

Christmas Gifts For Him
Christmas Gifts For Him

2.2. Sports Blanket

A blanket makes him feel embraced by you. If you are searching for a soft and warm blanket, our personalized fleece sports blanket collection is a perfect choice. Depending on his favorite sport, you can choose a suitable blanket and custom it with his name and number.

Christmas gift for boyfriend
Christmas gift for boyfriend

2.3. Brewing Coffee Bottle

He can make a delicious iced coffee at home himself with this gift. It all has to be done is to fill the glass bottle with water, pour coffee into the strainer and shake well.

Brewing Coffee Bottle
Christmas gifts for couples (image via Amazon)

2.4. Custom Canvas From Photo

A relationship is truly an adventure of a lifetime. And this sweet ‘I love you the most’ canvas celebrates the beauty in just that. Add your photo from your most recent vacation to create special Christmas for your husband/boyfriend.

Christmas gift for him
Christmas gift for him

2.5. Personalized Keychain

Make a keychain for your husband/boyfriend that will remind him of you every day. What message you want to convey to him is up to you entirely. Your heartfelt statement engraved on the keyring will warm your heart and bring a grin to your face.

Personalized keychains
Christmas gifts for couples (image via AliExpress)

2.6. Matching Pajamas

It’s always enjoyable to have matching pajamas with a lover. You may paint your own phrases using fabric paint. For instance, you may paint ‘wifey’ and ‘hubby’ on the pajamas’ T-shirts. These make great clothes to wear at home for a lazy day.

Matching Pajamas
Matching Pajamas (image via Pinterest)

3. Christmas Gifts For Her 2022

3.1. Perfume

You may give her a scent that suits her personality and sense of style if you know her well enough. It may be a wonderfully feminine scent or a fresh and crisp scent. It’s important for the perfume in the Christmas gift box to fit her taste.

Perfume for her
Perfume for her (image via Pinterest)

3.2. To My Sweetheart Blanket

A blanket is a fantastic Christmas present for a woman. Ladies are often constantly cold in the winter, so this gift is a wonderful choice. Your girl will like a large and fluffy blanket, especially a customized blanket with her name.

Christmas Gift For Her
Christmas gift for her

3.3. A shopping trip

Let her rest and relax by taking her to some retail therapy, maybe with lunch at her favorite café. It’s a great opportunity to spend quality time with your wife or your girlfriend.

shopping trip
Christmas gifts for couples (image via Pinterest)

3.4. All Of Me Loves All Of You Sign Canvas

It’s tough to put into words how much you adore your partner. However, you can express your love for her in various ways. A personalized canvas with the “All of me loves you” quote is the most magnificent Christmas gift to express your affection for your wife/girlfriend.

Photo Wall Art For Couples
Christmas Gifts For Couples
Christmas Gifts For Couples

3.5. Smart Tech Gift

She’ll appreciate a piece of clever technology that adds a touch of magic to her day. Consider a tablet for reading, checking email, and watching Netflix on a larger screen. Or a monitoring device to help your partner from misplacing her belongings.

Christmas Gift For Her
Christmas Gift For Her (image via Amazon)

3.6. Experience a Spa Day

Why give her a gift that will make her feel like she’s on cloud nine at the spa center. Even if she’s had a lot of spa days in the past, who wouldn’t turn down the chance to get pampered? You can give her a package for a day of treatments and lunch or relaxing massages, facials, or even a makeup class!

Experience a Spa Day
Experience a Spa Day (image via Unsplash)