Top 20 Christmas Home Decor Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

The festive joy is all around us. It’s not too early to start planning your Christmas home decor. To assist you, we’ve compiled some fantastic ideas for how to decorate the home for Christmas.

Color Guide For Your Christmas Decor

Along with the classic red and gold, 2021 Christmas decorating colors follow fashion trends. So there is no surprise to see Christmas trees in beige, brown, blush, pink, red, rose, and gold.

Christmas Tree
Colorful Christmas tree (image via Nesting in the bluegrass)

So the most fashionable colors of the holiday season 2021 are red, gold, beige and tan shades, pink, orange, purple, green, and blue. Some Christmas color palette for you:

Christmas color palette
Christmas color palette (image via Pinterest)
Christmas home decor
Christmas home decor (image via Pinterest)

Best Christmas Home Decor 2021

Christmas Wreath

The wreath is a simple Christmas decoration that you may make yourself. Create a doughnut circle out of styrofoam or comparable material and then glue on some of your favorite wrapped sweets. You may also use other objects to make any wreath you like. Simply use your creativity.

Christmas home decor wreath
Christmas wreath for home decor (image via Pinterest)

Christmas Tree

It’s impossible to imagine home Christmas decorating ideas without a Christmas tree. Place one in your living room. Try something other than the conventional evergreen trees if you want to be innovative. Besides, the use of fake snow will give the setting a magical feel.

Christmas tree decor
Christmas tree decor (image via Jacob Lund)


Warm up your area with a fireplace for a wonderful Christmas! Making a faux fireplace is so simple. You only need one or two cardboard boxes, some wrapping paper, and any additional decorations you choose. This fantastic Christmas decor idea will look great in your home.

Fireplace Christmas home decoration
Fireplace Christmas home decoration (image via Freie Kreation)

Light Decoration

Fancy light strings will transform any room into a location you’ll like spending time in. When deciding to decorate indoor Christmas lights, pick hues that will not strain your eyes. Mild golden tones will work perfectly.

Christmas home decor
Christmas home decor (image via Olesia Bilkei)

In a tiny area, a lovely string light tree on the wall is a fantastic idea. To add to the impression, scatter a few wrapped present boxes around. You also use LED light cables to create dazzling swirls for your windows. They’ll give a pleasant light to the long and gloomy winter evenings, helping to lift everyone’s spirits.

Christmas decoration

Snow or Winter Scene Canvas

With an atmospheric winter canvas, you may embrace the raw beauty of this enchanting season. Beautiful winter art can bring a touch of magic to your home. Window wall art with landscapes of snow-laden trees makes Christmas home decor style close to nature.

Christmas home decor
Christmas home decor canvas wall art

Window Decals

Window decals are a simple yet effective Christmas home decor concept. The online outlet offers you a plethora of design options. You can use your imagination to place decals any way you like and create your design.

Christmas home decor
Decals for Christmas home decor (image via Walmart)

Wooden Letters

Dangle individual wooden letters that say Christmas or another word from the ceiling. Have the letters cut and painted in the size and color of your choice to make a unique Christmas home decoration.

Christmas home decor
Xmas wooden letter (image via Cicig)

Christmas Ornaments

You may place little ornaments on your home’s windows in the same way that you would wooden letters. They can come in a variety of forms, colors, and patterns. The essential thing is to pick a comparable design and color palette for all of them so that you don’t wind up with a haphazard appearance.

Christmas home decor
Christmas home decor (image via Osetrova Nataliia)

Staircase Decals

Isn’t this a lovely idea for your stairwell? You can use the lyrics of a song, such as “Winter Wonderland,” or the names of eight little reindeer. These staircase decals are available on Etsy. Besides, you can decorate your banister with garland and LED lanterns to brighten the steps at night.

Christmas home decor
Christmas staircase decor (image via Etsy)

Festive Dishware

Christmas is the perfect time to go bold with new dishes, mugs, and kitchen accessories. It’s an easy way to spruce up a dull kitchen shelf and elevate your Christmas decor.

Christmas decoration
Christmas decoration (image via Fusionstudio)

How To Decorate Walls For Christmas

Empty walls are dreary walls, especially during the holidays. The more space you have, the more innovative Christmas decorating ideas you may try! There are countless ways to add sparkle and excitement to your home’s walls. Here are a few examples:

Christmas Farmhouse Wall Art

Farmhouse design is gaining favor nowadays because it has a warm, accessible vibe. It’s also quite flexible and goes well with Christmas decorations. Let’s elevate your Christmas wall decor with Farmhouse canvas.

Christmas canvas with country scene
Christmas canvas with a country scene in the holiday season

Advent Calendar

December is insanely busy, but taking a breather and appreciating a moment of delight once a day. Advent calendars are for this purpose and will make December so much merrier. There are many options of calendars concealing chocolates, tea, coffee, or messages.

Christmas home decor
Christmas home decor (image via Amazon)

You can also choose an antique wooden clock with snowflakes and Christmas messages to add a rustic touch to your holiday countdown.

Santa Claus Count Down Wood Clock
Or Santa Claus count down clock (image via Wayfair)

Lighted Tree Wall Hanging

We all enjoy a showy Christmas tree, but if you live in a tiny home, it’s not the best option. Consider a lighted Christmas tree that may be simply put on the wall of a living room.

Christmas tree
Christmas tree made of wood hanging on the wall (image via Tache)

Red Truck Christmas

A red pickup truck loaded with tiny Christmas trees is so adorable. You can place it in a wooden tray to adorn any surface in your house. Use the pillows carrying on the motif. And hang the personalized pickup truck canvas with your family name.

Pickup truck canvas for Christmas
Pickup truck canvas for Christmas


A bit of garland and pine cones draped across wall art might help to complete your festive look. Or you can hang the garland across the very top of the ceiling to enhance its aesthetic.

garland decorating idea
Garland decorating idea (image via Pinterest)

Holiday banner

There is still plenty of time until Christmas, and you can take advantage of it by making your own Christmas banner. All you need is some free time, the material you want, and scissors to cut out the form, or a printer if you want to print something instead.

Merry Christmas banner
Merry Christmas banner (image via Etsy)

Cute Christmas Canvas

Decorative Christmas canvas may help you turn your boring walls into eye-catching pieces of art. They create a visually appealing focal point. Check out these Christmas canvases and use them to adorn your home. This Christmas season, they would provide a festive air and good joy to your home.

Joy Wall Art For Christmas Decor
Joy wall art for Christmas decor

The holidays are quickly approaching, and we’re confident that these Christmas home decor ideas will spark your creativity. You only need to be a bit creative to discover something to lift your mood.