Top 20 Christmas Wall Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Festive

It’s almost that time of year again. We offer several lovely Christmas wall decor ideas for your house that will give your home a new appearance.

By discovering fresh and innovative ways to decorate for Christmas, you share the joy of the festive season with everyone. When your relatives and friends visit your house this year, they will be so impressed with your great Christmas home decor.

Let’s get started.


1. Best Christmas Wall Decor Ideas

1.1. Garland

Hanging up garlands is a great way to liven up your home and make it seem more festive. Some garlands feature a dense arrangement of pine needles and lights that add a magical twinkling effect to your traditional holiday decor.

Christmas Wall Decor Ideas
Christmas wall decor ideas – Christmas garland 2022

1.2. Wreath Wall Decor

Create magnificent wall art out of festive wreaths. You can combine different-sized wreaths and a real tree attached to the wall. You can hang the wreaths with ribbons to make Scandinavian decor rustic.

Christmas Wreath Wall Decor
Christmas wreath wall art

1.3. Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Some of us may not have enough space for a huge tree. The prettiest idea is to hang a Christmas tree on the wall, which takes up no floor space at all. The most common concept is to hang Christmas lights in the shape of a tree on the wall. To make Christmas tree wall hanging appear even more dreamlike, you can attach decorations directly to it.

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging
Christmas wall decor ideas

1.4. Christmas Truck Art Print

Christmas canvas with a red pickup truck is ideal for all bare walls in your home. Canvas wall art is available in several sizes, which allows you to select the one that best matches your wall.

Christmas canvas wall art
Christmas canvas wall art (image via Hayooo)
Christmas Wall Decor Ideas
Christmas pickup truck canvas (image via Hayooo)

1.5. Snowflake

Everyone, no matter where they reside, fantasizes about a white winter. And if the weather in your area isn’t delivered, these gorgeous snowflake patterns will have you decorating the wall. Let’s bring the beauty of snowflakes into your house this season.

Snowflake wall decor
Snowflake wall decor (image via Etsy)

1.6. Festive Sign

Traditional Christmas decor enthusiasts will like a lovely “Merry Christmas” or “JOY” sign. You should hang a festive sign directly above a fireplace for an inviting touch.

Christmas Wall Decor Ideas
Christmas wall decor ideas

1.7. Winter Wall Art

The winter theme makes this family street sign canvas bring a Christmas atmosphere into your house. You can find a stunning and incredible view on this wall art print. The print would look great in any room in the house.

Christmas Wall Decor Ideas
Family street sign canvas with the winter scene
Christmas Wall Art
Christmas wall decor ideas for living room

1.8. Cluster Stars

Christmas lights are always a win, but stars are just as worthy of attention. A cluster of white stars hung over television is sure to brighten up your wall. White stars would look good on darkly painted walls.

Star lighting Christmas decoration
Star lighting Christmas decoration (image via Pinterest)

2. Christmas Home Decor 2022

2.1. Christmas stockings

Hang traditional stockings above the fire to prepare for Santa’s impending visit! Christmas stockings are bound to make you happy, whether you buy them or create them yourself. They are a great way to get into the holiday mood!

Christmas stockings wall decor
Christmas stockings wall decor (image via Pottery Barn)

You can also consider adorning a wall with colored stockings and embroidered accents.

2.2. Decorate Shelves

Don’t forget about your shelves. Decorate your living room shelves with a couple of your favorite Christmas decorating elements. The addition of a small tree or a lighted star may instantly put you in the festive spirit.

Christmas Wall Decor Ideas
Floating shelves for the holidays (image via Just a girl and her blog)

2.3. Christmas Wall Decals

Greet your guests a happy holiday when they enter your house with stunning designs. You can choose a red or green (color of Christmas) decal that goes well with white and other light-colored walls.

Christmas wall decals
Christmas wall decal (image via Pinterest)

2.4. Christmas Balls

Hanging metallic Christmas balls on a monochrome wall is simple but colorful. The plain wall may become something vibrant and eye-catching. The white, red, and silver Christmas balls might be useful in the coming years.

Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations (image via Etsy)

2.5. Christmas Wall Decor From Bicycle Rims

Old bicycle rims may be used to make lovely Christmas wall decor. Use a variety of hues of lights to make your wall into something incredibly artistically fascinating. To get a continuous overall look, place each rim overlapping the others. In addition, you can buy a bike wheel snowman to decorate your home.

bike wheel snowman
Bike wheel snowman (image via Etsy)

2.6. Advent Calendar

There’s a lot of emphasis on Christmas Day, but let’s not overlook all of the fun that the remainder of December has to offer. Advent calendars are enjoyable for the entire family and bring a little festive joy to each day. Let’s display your favorite advent calendar in a prominent location in your home!

Christmas Advent Calendar with Pockets
Christmas Advent Calendar with Pockets (image via Amazon)

2.7. Faux Fireplace

A non-working fireplace is a great idea to make your home seem cozier at Christmas. Imagine relaxing next to a warm fireplace, reading a good book, drinking a cup of hot chocolate while curling up with a blanket. That’s wonderful!

Christmas home decor
Faux fireplace for home decor (image via Pinterest)

2.8. Deer Antlers

Do you desire a bright, colorful, and contemporary space? White and gold should be the main colors. For a wintry touch, hang some antlers on the wall.

Christmas Wall Decor Ideas
Christmas wall decor ideas (image via Pinterest)

2.10. Candy Canes

Hanging candy canes along the top of a window keeps them out of reach of children and pets. The peppermints appear especially sweet when you hook them on matching ribbons.

Candy Cane Wall Decoration
Candy cane wall decoration (image via Kirkland’s)

2.11. DIY Wall Decorations

  • Decorative wall hanging from an old tree branch
Old Tree Branch Decorative Wall Hanging
Image via Homebnc
  • DIY holiday card tree
DIY holiday card tree
Image via Midwestliving
  • DIY wreath
Christmas decorations
Image via Pinterest
  • Colorful Christmas tree
Colorful Christmas tree
Image via Urban Nesting)

We’ve put up a comprehensive guide chock-full of Christmas wall decor ideas for any house. You will undoubtedly locate the perfect kind of decor that makes your home the envy of the neighborhood.