15+ Best Elegant Coastal Decor Ideas Of 2022

Coastal home decorating and interior design is the art of bringing all the beach, coastal life, and marine life you love to the inside of your home. If you want to incorporate this design into your house, we’ll give you an introduction to elegant coastal decor ideas to get you started! Your home will exude lovely beach-house feelings, making you feel like you’re on vacation all of the time.

elegant coastal decor

1. What is Coastal Decor?

Coastal decor is a beach-inspired interior design by using a soft color palette including blue and light blue to evoke the breeziness of the beach. Decorations with sea-related items and motifs create an airy feel and breezy summer year-round inside your house.

coastal decor
Collage from photos with coastal living decorations.

You can decorate your coastal house following a more specific theme by focusing on the right sea motif for you. Besides, you can mix your maritime inspiration with features from another style that are known to go especially well with it:

1.1. Coastal Farmhouse Decor

The coastal farmhouse style is an exciting blend of two current home decor trends: farmhouse and coastal. The farmhouse style mixes old and new elements, using wood, metal, and distressing to give your home a trendy, traditional look.

coastal farmhouse decor
Coastal Farmhouse style with home canvas.

1.2. Tropical Coastal Decor

Tropical colors are inspired by flowers, fruits, and ocean environments like lagoons and beaches. For tropical coastal home decor, incorporate more real palms or palm patterns, brighter highlights, natural teak, and tropical symbols like pineapples and flamingoes.

tropical coastal decor
Tropical Coastal wall art.

2. Elegant Coastal Decor Ideas

Consider combining only a few of these ideas, selecting the ones that resonate the most with you, and reflect what a connection to the sea means to you, to prevent an overwhelmed and busy feeling.

2.1. Palette Inspired by Sea

The coastal-themed accommodation makes you feel as if you’re staying at a real beach, complete with sun-bleached white tropical sand, a blue sea, sandy beige, and the sun’s yellow or red. How to combine a few of these colors harmoniously?

coastal pallete
Color palette inspired by nature (image via Trendland)

This is a trick for you. To begin, your primary color should be white, a neutral hue like beige, or a very pale light blue. Colors such as blue, light-blue, and aquamarine hues, on the other hand, perform well as secondary colors. Finally, choose accent colors that are stronger and warmer (ranging from yellow to red).

elegant coastal decor
Elegant coastal decor idea (image via Pinterest)

2.2. Blue and White Striped Decor

Originally worn by French sailors in the north of France, the nautical stripe is a classic element of coastal home decor. This traditional blue and white combination can be used on everything from carpets to couches to pillows and more. Blue and white striped decor and furniture are a fantastic way to give your room a nautical feel!

coastal living room
Living room with nautical striped pillows and rug (image via Pinterest)
elegant coastal decor
Blue and white bedroom for elegant coastal decor (image via Pinterest)

2.3. Sea-related Elements

The coastal style encourages you to bring nature into your house. But not just any natural items: mostly those associated with the beach and the water, of course! You can decorate shells, starfish, driftwood, coral, or even a homemade glass vase filled with sand and the nicest seashells you’ve ever found.

Elegant Coastal Decor
Decorative bottles, wooden boats, starfish, shells.
sea life motifs
Sealife motifs (image via Breezydesigns)

A certain number of things such as an anchor, a sailing ship, an oar, or the steering wheel of a ship will just about instantly remind you of a wonderful excursion by the sea. These might be incorporated into a wide range of common household furniture to create an attractive coastal decor.

life preserver decor
Life preserver coastal wall decor (image via Colby Construction)
Nautical Coastal Wooden Ship Steering Wheel
Ship steering wheel for coastal living room decor (image via Warren Sheets Design, Inc)

2.4. Coastal Canvas Art

Hanging coastal wall art prints can show the delicate beauty of the beach easily. Any coastal canvas contains elements from the beach, the coast, or marine life. Check out some of our suggestions to find a coastal canvas for your home:

2.4.1. Morning Beach Wall Art

The rising sun on the beach canvas tells us that no matter what occurs, everything will be well. Every day is a fresh start for anyone who approaches life with a good mindset. All you have to do now is take a deep breath, smile, and begin again!

Canvas Prints For Beach House Decor

2.4.2. Rustic Beach Canvas

A perfect element to add comfort and freshness to your home is a rustic coastal canvas. Your family name can be personalized to decorate your house or give it to your parents. If you want something more creative and unique for your home, this canvas art is for you!

Rustic Coastal Wall Art
Rustic Coastal Wall Art

2.4.3. Custom Wedding Anniversary Canvas with Coastal Style

The coastal wedding anniversary canvas is a unique addition to your home. This canvas serves as both elegant coastal decor and a keepsake of your special occasion. By adding names and special dates and choosing a song, you will have meaningful decoration in your bedroom or a romantic gift on your anniversary.

Coastal Style Wall Art
Coastal Style Wall Art

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3. Round Windows

If you are finding an idea for a small bathroom, a round window will be added coastal decor touches to your space. You can consider installing round or oval windows to the living room or bedroom to make your home become like a boat. Let try this great signature element of coastal decor!

coastal round window
Round window (image via Pinterest)

3.1. Wicker & Rattan Furniture

Using wicker and rattan furniture made from palm leaves is a great way to add some coastal elegance to your home. This coastal decoration is traditional and typical of homes in tropical destinations.

Wicker Rattan Furniture
image via The Beach Furniture

3.2. A View of the Sea

If you can gaze at the sea through your window, don’t hide it behind thick curtains. With a view of the sea, you can have authentic coastal decor. If you don’t, faux window wall art with beach scenes is the best trick for your coastal home decor. You can hang faux window canvas in places lacking a view to brighten these rooms with charming seascapes of your choice.

Faux Window wall decor

3.3. Another Popular Coastal Decor

Here is a little recap of the most recognizable coastal ideas that will allow you to fill a corner in your beach home:

  • Indoor Palm Tree
  • Shiplap Walls
  • Driftwood Decor
  • Rope accents
  • Large Basket Pendants
  • Cathedral ceilings
  • Seagrass Basket

We hope that the elegant coastal decor ideas shown here provide you some great inspiration for getting the coastal vibe in your home! Feel free to express your personality and creativity in your coastal home decor.