26 Fabulous Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas For Joyful Home

While some people spend the holidays flying to exotic locales, others like to stay close to home and enjoy cozy Christmas. We have a handful of farmhouse Christmas decor ideas to help you bring the holiday spirit to your home.

Let’s add a little rustic charm to every room in your house.

1. Why Choose Farmhouse Christmas Decor 2022?

Farmhouse style is still quite popular and is guaranteed to evoke thoughts of nostalgia this holiday season. Cozy plaid designs, rustic accents like berries, and natural woods are farmhouse characteristics. This theme might have a more neutral palette or be full of bright red berries.

Farmhouse Christmas palette
Source: Jessica Lewis @thepaintedsquare

Maybe you’ll like this farmhouse Christmas palette, which features a flash of red against a neutral gray and brown backdrop.

2. Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas

2.1. Farmhouse Candle Set

A vintage candle set will add a rustic and cozy feel to your decor. During the holiday season, it looks great with green, red, or white candles. These look great as a table centerpiece or on top of a fireplace mantel. For an even cozier effect, match it with a burlap table runner. For a beautiful finishing touch, scatter some pine cones on top.

Farmhouse candle set
Farmhouse Christmas decor. Source: Designio CZ

2.2. Country Winter Scene Canvas Art

Without the country scene art, this would not be a complete farmhouse article. If you want to create a beautiful farmhouse-style Christmas space, take a look at the wall art ideas below to be inspired to recreate the look in your own home.

Farmhouse Christmas decor
Farmhouse Christmas decor
Farmhouse Christmas decor ideas
Farmhouse Christmas decor ideas (Canvas 1, Canvas 2)

2.3. Farmhouse Christmas Tree

Of course, no post on Christmas décor would be complete without a Christmas tree. Instead of glass decorations, adorn the Christmas tree with unique pieces from nature. You can use pomegranates, lamb’s ear sprigs, and eucalyptus garlands to decorate the tree.

Farmhouse Christmas tree
Source: Giggles Galore

Additionally, before adorning your Christmas tree with pinecones, candy canes, and other wooden decorations, wrap it with a thick tartan ribbon – red and green, of course.

Farmhouse Christmas decor
Farmhouse Christmas decor. Source: Pinterest

2.4. Christmas Garland

Some choices for you:

  • Cotton garland: You can use cotton and olive leaves to make a natural garland. It’s very straightforward and neutral.
Farmhouse Christmas decor
Farmhouse Christmas decor. Source: Etsy
  • Buffalo plaid garland: For the holidays and throughout the winter, this garland will liven up any mantel, buffet, or table.
Christmas garland
White berries, pinecones, black & white buffalo check ribbon, fir, and pine branches (Source: Etsy)
  • Fresh Holiday Garland For Farmhouse Entry: a style that can last through January.
Rustic Christmas farmhouse entryway
Rustic Christmas farmhouse entryway. Source: Lizmarieblog

2.5. Farmhouse Wreath

Begin with your front porch. It creates everyone’s initial impression of your home. A lovely farmhouse Christmas wreath is the ideal way to add some country charm.

Farmhouse Christmas decor
Source: Grandin Road

Moreover, wreaths will add the perfect farmhouse touch to your front door, mantel, or wall. Its shabby chic style shouts farmhouse, and it’s unexpected, so your guests are sure to notice.

Farmhouse Christmas Wreath
Farmhouse Christmas wreath. Source: Pinterest

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2.6. Rustic Christmas Wall Art

seasonal sign
Seasonal sign. Source: Hayoooshop

Reclaimed signs are a great way to add an antique touch to your holiday decorations. You don’t have to limit yourself to signs with holiday-themed slogans or sentiments, but rather to those with color schemes that work well together for a traditional homespun look, such as black and white, neutrals, or reds, and greens.

vintage sign
Custom family name canvas

2.7. Centerpieces With Farmhouse Style

Centerpieces, whether for the dining room table, end table, coffee table, or even a mantle, can make a significant impact. Here are some lovely rustic and farmhouse-inspired centerpieces.

Farmhouse Christmas decor
Farmhouse Christmas decor. Source: Pinterest
rustic Christmas decor
Rustic Christmas decor. Source: Pinterest

2.8. Stockings

Hanging stockings along the mantle is one of many people’s favorite spots to decorate for Christmas. With farmhouse décor, all-white socks or black and white ones look fantastic. Besides, you can give your Christmas mantel a fresh touch with ruffled burlap stockings.

personalized stockings
Source: Qualtry

2.9. Christmas Dining Table Arrangement

If you’re organizing a wonderful Christmas meal at your home, consider adding rustic charm to your dining table. Add greenery to your centerpiece, beautiful wreaths to the back of chairs, or attractive layered place settings to greet your guests with Christmas happiness.

Farmhouse Christmas decor
Farmhouse Christmas decor. Source: Pinterest

Besides, buffalo plaid table linen and tiny trees will complete the farmhouse vibe. Then, place tea lights in mercury glass candle holders and decorate the cake plate with pine cones and red berries. You can use decorations in the shape of light bulbs packed with imitation snow, pine, and red berries as napkin rings. With this simple arrangement, your guests will feel at ease.

farmhouse christmas decor
Farmhouse Christmas decor. Source: Refresh Style

2.10. Pickup Truck Art

Adding beautiful trucks to your Christmas decor is a homey addition that is popular this year. It has an authentic farmhouse feel about it. Trucks in red or white seem very festive, while trucks hauling Christmas trees provide the finishing touch. Check out the suggestions below for how to integrate these antique vehicles into your Christmas decor this year.

Farmhouse Christmas wall art
Farmhouse Christmas wall art
pickup truck canvas
More information about Product 1, Product 2, and Product 3
Farmhouse Christmas bedroom decor
Farmhouse Christmas bedroom decor

2.11. Rustic Advent Calendar

This year, try something new and make a rustic advent calendar. Rather than pulling things out every day, slip plants inside each drawer. Other foraged treasures from your yard, such as acorns or pinecones, may be arranged about the calendar for a charmingly unpolished aesthetic. The completed product is farmhouse-inspired and will draw attention to your console table or doorway.

Farmhouse Christmas decor
Source: Hgtv

2.12. Pillows For Farmhouse Christmas

Adding new pillows is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to jazz up your room for the holidays. It would be best if you choose neutral enough to use all year.

Farmhouse Christmas decor
Source: Amazon

A farmhouse home brings you back to your childhood Christmas. We hope these farmhouse Christmas decor ideas will help you celebrate the holiday season wonderfully.