First Wedding Anniversary Gift For Husband Trend For 2022

Are you finding ways to surprise your husband on your wedding anniversary? Custom gifts are unique choices that can show your spouse how much you love and appreciate him. However, it is a great idea to make your gifts more special and personal. These 12+ first wedding anniversary gifts for husband below will guide you with some views as you pick something out.

1. Personalized Anniversary Gifts For Him

1.1. Custom photo canvas

Creating a personalized portrait from your photo to commemorate your wedding anniversary is a meaningful yet straightforward idea. Choose your favorite photo to build a one-of-a-kind present for your first anniversary. And create a lovely present for the one and only partner you love with that photo and your wedding date. This canvas will be one of the best gifts ever and is suitable to hang on the wall at your home.

first wedding anniversary gifts for husband
All of me loves all of you canvas art

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1.2. Custom song lyrics on canvas

Music is known as a powerful tool to deliver emotions in our lives. If you and your partner have a particular song in mind that may be both of you guys’ favorite, such as your wedding song or the song played in your first dance at the wedding. Then you can transform it into a canvas wall art with song lyrics and custom it with your names as a lovely first wedding anniversary gift for your husband.

first wedding anniversary gifts for husband
Personalized canvas with song lyrics

1.3. Custom wedding map – first wedding anniversary gifts for husband

Let’s create your special gift with a wedding map. That can be from anywhere in the world where you met your husband or were proposed, and you married. After all, you and your partner can reunite, overcame obstacles, and have already married and celebrated your first wedding anniversary. Such a stunning gift for your partner!

first wedding anniversary gifts for husband
Wedding Anniversary canvas

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2. Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas

Giving your spouse paper-themed gifts on your first wedding anniversary is a centuries-old tradition. And while it may seem outdated, it is still a meaningful way for many people to celebrate this significant milestone.

2.1. Reasons I Love You Notes

How adorable these “reason I love you cards” are! They will help you express how much you love your partner. You could find it more challenging to say each word than to turn them into sentences. The card will help remind your other half about the reasons why you fall in love with him. Maybe because of the small but delicate actions, he did for you during your relationship still in your mind and heart.

first wedding anniversary gifts for husband
First wedding anniversary gift for husband

That’s so cute when your partner reads all through these love notes on your first wedding anniversary. Each card comes in a gold envelope, and the box can be personalized with your husband’s name.

2.2. The anniversary journal for the first wedding anniversary gift

This book serves as a treasured remembrance that allows you to recall every memory and milestone you and your other half go through together. It can be tough to remember all of these lovely small moments that have occurred since your wedding day, and you don’t want them to be faded in your mind. However, you want to keep your memorable memories at every moment and wish to reminisce about them whenever you look at this anniversary journal. So make the most of this first-year journal by recording as much as possible.

anniversary journal
Anniversary Journal (image via – First wedding anniversary gift for husband

2.3. Anniversary cards for a first wedding anniversary gift

Writing a love card may appear to be out of date as the development of modern life with social media, texts, and emails. But, no one can deny that a handwritten note evokes more emotion in the reader and makes them fall in love with your romantic nature. Just a card with short and straightforward sentences but has a lovely design is still a good idea for people who are not good at writing. For example, “I love you more than I can say.”  It’s still meaningful words that make your partner’s heart melt.

Pop Up Anniversary Card
Pop Up Anniversary Card (image via Amazon)

2.4. Custom wedding vow art

The vows made on a wedding day will express your deepest feelings of love and commitment to your partner. Let your wedding vows become a personalized art in your home for your first wedding anniversary. Display them proudly on the wall as a reminder of the pledges you’ve made and the sentence “I do” you’ve said.

Custom wedding vow art
Custom wedding vow art – first wedding anniversary gift for husband.

2.5. Personalized story timeline print

This print looks perfect but straightforward to tell your story at mark point, honors significant milestones in your relationship, such as the day you meet, getting engaged, buying a home, special holidays, etc. Help you remember what essential things, milestone days happen through 1 year. Make a lovely gift for a partner or as a perfect addition to your beautiful home.

Personalized Our Story Timeline Print
Personalized Your Story Timeline Print

2.6. Photo calendars

A Wedding Anniversary calendar is a charming gift and will last all year, literally! It’s the ideal gift for your first wedding anniversary paper-themed. To make a gorgeous gift, fill a personalized calendar with your most incredible wedding images or spectacular shots of you and your partner. Each photograph has been printed to serve as a constant reminder of great memories throughout the year. Help you have a full view from the day both of you met until now after being married one year.

photo calendars and diary
Photo calendars – First wedding anniversary gift for husband

2.7. Activity book for couples

You learn that no matter how much you love one another, you sometimes need new outside help to keep things running smoothly. “The Activity Book” for Couples is essentially a collection of prompts designed to get you and your partner to talk about topics you’ve probably never discussed before. The book will help both of you get closer to each other, have more fun, and have a good time while doing it. It’s such a good idea gift to do together on your first wedding anniversary.

Activity book for couples
Activity book for couples

2.8. Photobook print

Making a photobook of your favorite memories from the previous year is a terrific way to celebrate your relationship. For example, you might include highlights of your most memorable trips or events with mementos. Besides, you can choose one theme to create sections like holidays, friends and family, special moments, or funny photos. Selecting images and articles for your unique anniversary photo book allows you to reflect on your relationship. And you’ll end up with a keepsake that you and your partner will treasure for years to come.

photo book
Photobook print – first wedding anniversary gift for husband

Hopefully, the options provided here give you some fantastic first wedding anniversary gifts for your husband. Don’t forget to subscribe to our website to get more helpful information and ideas that you’ll love.