How To Decorate Your Home Awesomely – Tips 3 Basic Rooms Decor

Home decor is indispensable for your home to be cozier and more awesome. This article will show you how to decorate your home wonderfully. We will also give you some tips for basic room decor.


1. What is your decorating style?

If you can pinpoint the interior design style you desire, you’re halfway there. The inside of the home should be decorated in the same manner as the exterior. Consider the following four common house decoration styles:

1.1. Farmhouse

Farmhouse decor is quite popular these days because they are comfortable, cozy, and warm. In addition, farmhouse-style furniture tends to be practical in both form and function, with simple colors and an antique feel. For example, wood tables are earthy and casual.

Farmhouse living room (image via Shutterstock)

1.2. Coastal Decor

Coastal style is a liberal interior design style inspired by the sea, which always evokes peace and serenity in each of us. A house with coastal decor gives us a feeling of rest even in the chaos of daily life. Therefore, it’s easy to understand when we always want to bring that wonderful feeling from the sea into our home.

coastal style
How to decorate your home with coastal style (image via Pinterest)

1.3. Contemporary

Contemporary design is the most sparse and minimalist style. When decorating with smaller spaces, this is an excellent option. Typically, the color palette is limited to black, white, or grey, with primary color accents. Instead of wood, metals and glass are used mainly in contemporary decor.

Contemporary style (image via Shutterstock)

1.4. Home decor ideas

1.4.1. Create big change in your home

Our first suggestion is to make big changes such as repainting the wall with a new color. This is the quickest and most cost-effective way to give your home a fresh look and make it more appealing. But, first, let’s choose a color that expresses your personality and harmonizes with the space around you.

Paint wall.

Buying new furniture also makes your home look new. If you cannot afford new furniture, try refreshing existing items. For example, cover your sofa or armchair with affordable fabric, and try varnishing the wooden floor to change color. Or try positioning the furniture in a different location and see how it makes a different appearance.

Makeover your wardrobe

1.4.2. Use some decorations

You can hang a personalized canvas of your memorable moments on the wall to make your home more attractive and stylish. Or print smaller photos and put them on the table.

How to decorate your home – Mother and Daughter sketch canvas.

2. How to decorate your home in each room

2.1. Living room decor

In the living room, you should only set the necessary funiture. It’s easy to make a space look cluttered by decorating a lot of furniture. The following are some of the most important pieces of living room furniture:

2.1.1. Sofa set

It is a must-have piece of furniture in the living room, no matter what style of the living room you are pursuing, but you must equip yourself with a sofa set, maybe it is a sofa. Single for living room is limited in area, corner sofa for spacious and luxurious living room or 2, 3-seat sofa for modern living room.

2.1.2. Pictures and frames

These are items for decoration in the room. Bring a splash of color to the living room by hanging a few art prints above the sofa.

Living room canvas.

2.1.3. Decorative lights

These are essential items that provide light for the whole room. If you want a modern style, you should choose lights with white light. If you want a more glamorous and comfortable atmosphere, go with gold lighting.

2.2. Bedroom decor ideas

2.2.1. Bedroom decor Curtains

The bedroom wouldn’t be complete without a pair of graceful drapes hanging from your windows. You can use thin curtains of gentle colors for a private and quiet space. It will also provide you with a deeper and more delicious sleep when incorporating your favorite colors.

Bedroom decor ideas – Curtains decor.

2.2.2. Decorative bedroom Artistic pictures canvas

Modern living space is indispensable for the presence of wall art. As a result, your bedroom space will become more beautiful, luxurious, and more sophisticated.

Morning Beach Painting Wall Art Canvas.

2.2.3. Bedding

In any bedroom, bedding is a must-have piece. So how to decorate your home with bedding? First, let’s choose beautiful bedding set with harmonious colors for your bedroom.

Bedroom Decor.

2.3. House decor – Kitchen decor

2.3.1. Kitchen wall decor paintings

One of the ways to make it perfect is to use wall paintings. It would help if you chose a painting that matches the color of your kitchen furniture.

Personalized canvas for kitchen decor.

2.3.2. Kitchen decorative lights

Decorative lights will help the room become bright, sparkling, and magical. It also brings warmth to make the meal more delicious.

How to decorate your home.

Above are all tips for you to know how to decorate your home. Hopefully, with our suggestions, you will be able to improve the appearance of your house.