10+ Gorgeous Large Wall Art Ideas And Inspiration For Home

Nobody wants to stare at a blank wall for long periods, so wall art is crucial for home decorating. If you need to find inspiration for the wall in your home, read through Large Wall Art Ideas to give all of your walls the attention they deserve.

Large Wall Art Ideas

1. Hang Large-scale Art

A large wall necessitates a huge theme, and no style is bigger, bolder, or cooler than a large wall art print. More specifically, artwork shown in your home shows a little bit of your unique personality!

1.1. Large Wall Art Size

Although the word ‘large’ is subjective, a large piece in one space may be considered little in another. Check out the graph below for regular large, medium, and small wall art at Canvas Personalized.

Common sizes canvas wall art at Canvas Personalized (inch).

How Can I Measure the Size Wall to hang My Art?

Use a measuring tape to measure the wall’s height, from floor to ceiling. If furniture (sofa, chair) is arranged against the wall, measure their height. Then subtract the furniture’s height from the wall’s measurement. This will give you a tall space. Similarly, measure the width of the wall, from corner to corner.

Tips: Arrange art no closer than ten inches from the corner, ceiling, and the top of furniture.

1.2. Large Wall Art Inspiration

1.2.1. Large Abstract Art Decor

When you hang large abstract wall art in a room, it instantly enhances it, adding depth, elegance, and character. You can make a style statement by hanging abstract wall art in your living room, bedroom, or dining room at home.

Large abstract art-original painting.

1.2.2. Wall Art Collage

In general, a large wall art collage should either be completely uniform in one style or an equal balance of two styles. Think about the style you want to go with and how you want your canvas art to be arranged. Some styles you can refer to are farmhouse style, floral style, and coastal style.

Wall art collage with floral style.


1.2.3. Large Photography

Enhance the beauty of your home or office space with large format photo prints. It could be a landscape picture, a charismatic portrait. Sometimes you don’t need to go any further than your camera because you can print a family photo into a large format to decorate your home.

Framed photography for living room decor.

1.2.4. Large Wall Art Ideas – Large Canvas

Canvas wall art is the ideal accent piece for adding art into your space. Moreover, the large custom canvas is a perfect way to put your personal touch on art.

  • Large Size Canvas for Blue Theme

This canvas with gorgeous white blossoms spread out these colorful flowers suits the living room. Surely this wall decor will bring a sense of freshness to the room and brighten up the scent of spring.

Large wall art ideas – Large size canvas
  • Family Name Custom Canvas

Personalize our wall art with your family name as a gift to your family members or your partner. You can hang these canvases in the dining room, where all members often have meals and chat together. Additionally, family name custom canvas is the best choice for bedroom decor.

Personalized canvas for bedroom
  • Wedding Anniversary Canvas

This gift will make a statement for your wedding anniversary. Custom large-sized canvas with your name and partner’s name is derived in your bedroom to engrave your love.

God knew my heart needed you with his name and her name.


Tips: When your wall is similar to the large canvas, you should choose the framed canvas to make your piece characteristic. Moreover, the frame brings a high-contrast and high-definition look while frameless makes space more relaxed.

Unframed or framed large size canvas.

2. Paint a Wall Mural

Whether you hand-paint or use a wall covering, adding a mural to your walls will have a tremendous impact on your room. Murals bring life and color to both private spaces. They are a colorful alternative to wallpaper and may add brightness, warmth, or playfulness to a space.

large wall art ideas
Large wall art ideas (image via Shutterstock)

You do not have to be an artist to paint a mural, but you should have a lot of painting or illustration expertise and be comfortable designing your concepts and working with paint. If this is your first time painting, we recommend starting with a smaller canvas.

Some things you will need when painting a mural:

  • Brushes (and a roller, optional)
  • Paints
  • Paper towels/rags
  • A pail of water for brush washing
  • String for measuring or using as a guideline
  • Stepladder

It’s time to practice how to paint a mural on a wall step by step once you’ve gathered the necessary things. You can check out excellent mural ideas and inspiration on Pinterest. After that, you should prepare the wall, scale your design, outline the large shapes and add details to finalize your mural.

Large wall art ideas
Paint murals (Image via Pinterest)

3. Install a Shelving System

Take your collection to the wall if you don’t have enough floor space for bookshelves. Not only the floating shelves can be used for storage or to showcase artwork, but it also is an excellent way to cover a blank wall in your space.

large wall art ideas
Large wall art ideas (image via Shelfology)

4. Create a Basket Wall

Another option for wall decor is to hang baskets! You can brighten up any space with an assortment of baskets in various sizes and materials, whether they go colorful or neutral.

baskets on wall
How to Create a Basket Wall (image via Farmhouseliving)

When it comes to decorating with basket walls, the most essential thing to remember is that there are no rules. They might be bright or neutral in color, closely spaced or far apart, vintage or brand new. The choice is yours. Here are a few hints, regardless of style, that I believe will assist you in creating your own.

  • Collect a variety of baskets. Choose an odd number, such as five, seven, or nine, depending on the size of the wall.
  • Put your baskets on the ground and shuffle them about until you have the desired look. You can overlap or separate them, but don’t let them too far apart.
  • Use tiny nails to secure the baskets to the wall.
basket wall
Basket on wall (image via Etsy)

Above are all large wall art ideas for you to know how to decorate a blank space. Hopefully, with our suggestions, you will be able to make a space functional and comfortable and improve the appearance of your house.