15 Best Laundry Room Wall Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You

It is true that we apparently spend hours a week pouring detergent, transferring clothes between machines, and folding everything once it’s done. If you’re in your laundry room that often, shouldn’t it be a haven? Yeah, we think so. 

That’s why, in the blog post today, we’re sharing our list of the best laundry room wall decor ideas that definitely liven up your space.

1. Laundry Room Wall Color Ideas

Laundry isn’t always something we look forward to, but having a beautifully styled room to do it in certainly improves the experience. What really sets a laundry room apart is the wall paint. Here are some best colors your space should experiment with.

1.1. Blue

When you’re searching for a color that can put you in an energetic mood while also keeping things calm, a blue tone is a no-fail option. It may feel like doing the laundry chores while immersing your soul in the cool breeze of the ocean. What a wonderful experience!

Blue laundry
Laundry room wall decor – Image via The Spruce

1.2. Yellow

This is regarded as a mood-boosting color since it adds a dose of cheer to a lackluster space. Additionally, a yellow tone mimics the sun in a small space without natural light so that it may magically liven up every single corner of the room.

Yellow laundry
Laundry room wall decor – Image via Maria Killam

1.3. Orange

If you’re seeking a happy zing every time you punch the dryer button, try a burst of Fresh Orange Juice on the walls. This color tone will never disappoint you, even in the darkest and gloomiest days of winter.

Orange laundry
Laundry room wall decor – Image via Pinterest

1.4. Black and white

This timeless color combo is one of the best laundry room paint colors out there. But be careful! Using too much dark black in small spaces can make them appear smaller. In this situation, let’s try to balance the combination for a high-contrast look.

Black and white laundry
Laundry room wall decor – Image via Pinterest

“Regardless of room size, light, creamy or neutral tones make spaces look clean, while darker tones create a chic, contemporary, urban feel.”

2. Laundry Room Tile Ideas

2.1. What is the best tile for laundry room walls?

If you have the same question, it’s time to reveal it. According to some interior designers, ceramic tile is extremely ideal for laundry rooms. Why so? It features an impressive list of benefits:

  • Water resistance
  • Slip resistance
  • Bacterial resistance
  • Stain and scratch resistance
  • Easy cleaning 
  • Fade resistance
Ceramic tiles laundry wall
Laundry room wall decor – Image via The Spruce

Now, it’s no wonder why ceramic tiles are the best choice for laundry rooms. They not only make laundry time easier but also have the ability to express our style and personality through the choice of tiles.

2.2. Laundry room tile design ideas

2.2.1. Farmhouse Laundry Room Tile

This warm stone-look tile will blow a breeze of farmhouse vibe into your laundry room for sure. It’s even better when paired with bronze fixtures, creative storage solutions, and wood accents.

Farmhouse tile laundry wall
Laundry room wall decor – Image via Why tile

Pastel and neutral colors such as beige, pale blue, or light grey fit the vibe of farmhouse style.


2.2.2. Modern Laundry Room Tile

The creativity in tile arrangement has leveraged this modern laundry room design. What’s more? These deep black tiles work well in just about any contemporary home.

Modern tile laundry wall
Laundry room wall decor – Image via Samsung

Apart from black color, earth tones and bright schemes like red, pink, or orange can create a sense of modern feel.

2.2.3. Subway Tile Laundry Room

Subway tile is indeed everyone’s favorite tile pattern. So you may never go wrong with this because of its clean, pristine look.

Subway tile laundry wall
Laundry room wall decor – Image via Why tile

For those who don’t know, the term “subway tile” typically refers to rectangular tiles (usually 3 x 6 inches) laid horizontally with a 50% offset. These tiles were first used in New York subway stations and today they come to appear in our home. 

3. Laundry Room Wall Decor Art

3.1. Photos

Sometimes you’ve got a load of laundry chores to get through but still want to daydream about all the good times you’ve had in your last summer vacation. If you have a couple of memorable travel photos, still unprinted or unframed, take this opportunity to showcase these valuable memories.

We mean why don’t you get those framed and hang them on the wall?

Laundry room wall photo
Laundry room wall decor – Image via Homedit

3.2. Wall Art

Like it or not, you spend a lot of time in your laundry room. So why don’t we add some color and personality with wall art to your laundry room? There is a variety of themes to hang on the wall from faux window canvases to inspirational quote ones. You can discover more masterpieces in our Laundry room decor collection.

Laundry wall art
This wall art is like a cool laundry sign
Laundry wall art
This artwork lightens the mood

Canvaspersonalized focuses more on bringing fabulous wall art, mainly customized ones, to everyone. At Canvaspersonalized, you can not only find intriguing things among their enthusiastic collections to decorate your laundry room but also customize the canvas exactly as you want.

Laundry wall art
Hang this canvas as a laundry room wall decor

Some of the popular collections you can take a peek at are our Laundry room decor, Farmhouse style, Floral style collection, just to name a few.


3.3. Gallery Wall

Sometimes the things that inspire us aren’t matching at all. Since your laundry room isn’t usually on display for all your guests to see, feel free to create a gallery wall that you won’t mind looking at while you wash and fold. Then it won’t matter what your colors or photos are.

Gallery wall
Laundry room wall decor – Image via Homedit

4. Laundry Room Accessories

4.1. Keep the change

Is it true that you are constantly pulling change from the hubby’s pocket or even your pocket when doing laundry? Thanks to this, now you may have a useful spot to keep your change safe. Moreover, you can unleash your creativity by making a lost sock sign and then hang it nearby.

Keep the change
Laundry room wall decor – Image via Pinterest

4.2. Laundry Sign

Maybe one of the reasons that you loathe laundry is the sad state of your laundry room. Now it’s high time your room had a makeover with a laundry sign. You can easily buy it online or design your own inexpensive DIY one. 

Laundry sign
Laundry room wall decor – Image via Amazon

There are a lot of funny sentences you can write on your sign. For instance, “Laundry today or naked tomorrow” is a cool one, isn’t it. Or making a guide to procedure with laundry icons sounds like a useful tip to take care of your clothes in the right way.

4.3. Hooks

Here comes the small laundry room’s savior. In other words, wall hooks are another way to organize a small laundry room. Let’s establish designated hooks to hang all of your cleaning supplies. You can even paint this discreet hanging rack the same color as the wall so that it blends in seamlessly.

Laundry wall hooks
Laundry room wall decor – Image via Twitter

4.4. Wall Clock

Sometimes, the simplest things can make the most major impacts. A wall clock is essential for every room, but installing a stylish wall clock can really level up your wall decor. Moreover, it will also help you keep track of the time and ensure that you don’t end up procrastinating too much.

Laundry wall clock
Laundry room wall decor – Image via Pinterest

If you keep this laundry room wall decor in mind, we bet you will find it extremely easier to beautify your space. Don’t hesitate to share this blog with your friends and dive into our other intriguing posts. They’re worth reading, indeed. 

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