20+ Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Design Inspirations For 2022

Modern farmhouse bathrooms are all about the natural elements and chunky furniture, seamlessly blended with modern fixtures to create the perfect balance. Is it still hard to put that figure in perspective? Then let’s go through some modern farmhouse bathroom design inspirations we’ve listed out for you. 

In case you missed these: 

1. Add Warmth With A Rustic Cabinet

To create the ultimate statement, let’s source a beautiful rustic wooden side cabinet from a charity shop or reclamation yard and combine it with a worktop basin and modern mixer tap.

modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – Image via Rue Magazine

2. The Beauty Of Artistic Embellishments

The farmhouse wall art is gorgeous and really doubles the aesthetic when hanging over the beautiful subway tile. It can be changed as the season changes. That’s an excellent way to refresh your modern farmhouse bathroom look!

2.1. Floral Bathroom Wall Art

For flower lovers out there, it’s time to bring floral spirit into your private space. From stunning sunflowers to colorful hydrangeas, at Hayooo, we have over 1000 items for you to choose from.

modern farmhouse bathroom
Hang this “Bath Rules” wall art in your modern bathroom
modern farmhouse bathroom
Discover this floral bathroom wall art at Hayooo

2.2. Funny Bathroom Canvases

Imagine your guests coming to your bathroom and bursting into laughter when they see this funny bathroom wall art. How cool! Everyone loves humor, don’t they?

farmhouse bathroom canvas
Here are Product #1, Product #2, Product #3, and Product #4 info, respectively.

2.3. Faux Window Artwork

Let’s level up your bathroom decor. OK, but how? The easiest way is to feature one or a couple of faux window wall art in your space. These canvases are on their way to becoming a new trend in 2022.

Window wall art
Window wall art

3. The Harmonization Of Barn Doors

Do you wanna know one fun way to add a little modern farmhouse flair to a fairly modern bathroom? Let’s rock a sliding barn door. Not only can this give you more space to decor other things — in other words, it’s perfect in a smaller space — but it can also add the visual interest you need to take a bathroom to the next level.

modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – Image via Homes & Gardens

If you are combining farmhouse bedroom ideas with farmhouse bathroom ideas, it makes sense to separate the areas with a traditional door.

modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – Image via Accent Prone

What’s a farmhouse without at least one beautiful barn door, right? A sliding reclaimed wood barn door separates this texture-rich main bathroom from the adjoining bedroom.

modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – Image via HGTV

4. Modern-yet-moody Farmhouse Bathroom

For a modern farmhouse bathroom with an authentic soul, try to incorporate reclaimed, vintage and antique items whenever possible. An antique mirror or farmhouse artwork hung above the sink can add a load of charm to a space. This canvas will be an example hung in a modern yet-moody bathroom.

bathroom wall art
Bathroom wall art

5. Shades Of White and Dark Wood

Shades of blue patterns on the walls and a vintage-style cabinet create a simple, comforting, timeless modern farmhouse bathroom. This is a pretty simple design but still brings a touch of contemporary spirit that everyone desires.

modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – Image via One Kindesign

6. Black Metal Details

This farmhouse bathroom gets a modern twist with black taps on the pedestal sink; a black iron towel ring hung on the wall. In general, the black details create a livable modern farmhouse bathroom that feels both timeless and on-trend.

modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – Image via Getty Images

7. Bring Back The Clawfoot

Consider a traditional clawfoot if you’re renovating a bathroom and debating between a walk-in shower and a bathtub. There’s just something undeniably chic and inviting about a large clawfoot tub that makes such a modern statement in any bathroom.

modern farmhouse bathroom
This faux window art looks stunning on your bathroom wall

8. Mix It Up

While most modern farmhouse bathrooms stick with neutral colors and simple textures, we would love to mix and match decor elements when working with modern farmhouses.

modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – Image via Charbonneau Interiors

It is common to see many contemporary bathrooms in simple colors. But no one wants their house to look like their neighbor’s, right? What about making it a little bold with a modern chandelier or something like that?

10. The Dominance Of White

White subway tile walls with contrasting grout make this modern farmhouse bathroom less boring than all-white tile walls. Moreover, the slate flooring may flatter the pure beauty of the subway tiles. You’ll also love the spacious walk-in tower with a wood bench idea of this bathroom!

modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – Image via Home Design & Decor Magazine

11. The Renovation Of A Rustic Look

At first glance, there is no contemporary detail in the design, and the bathroom seems to be wholly vintage and rustic. But in fact, there is. The black plumber’s pipe above the glass shower surround is a unique feature, adding an industrial vibe. The beams were created to appear original but are new wood, sanded, stained, and finished to look old.

modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – Image via Jordan Design Studio

12. The Contrast Of Black And White

The black and white tiles on the floor and the wall are so striking. The contrast of the back tile shower floor is excellent. Additionally, the simplicity of the marble subway tile creates an attractive bathroom without being too busy.

modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – Image via Tatertots And Jello

Modern farmhouses use these traditional materials but with a modern twist. For example, a modern farmhouse bathroom would use traditional subway tile but add in modern details, like laying subway tile in modern patterns or adding trendy cement tiles to accent subway tile.

13. Shiplap Focal Wall

When in doubt, a shiplap is a perfect option. Shiplap is regarded to be very versatile as it fits in any contemporary bathroom design. Take this fresh farmhouse bathroom as an example; it boasts a beautiful shiplap focal wall to bring depth and interest to the double vanity.

modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – Image via HGTV

14. The Balance Between Modern And Rustic

This enviable bathroom is rustic-yet-refined, featuring almond shiplap walls, bronze hardware, and breezy linen cafe curtains. The modern farmhouse charm is on the industrial-designed light playing well with the bronze fixtures.

modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – Image via HGTV

15. Modern And Industrial Finishes

Don’t be afraid to mix modern and industrial finishes in your farmhouse bathroom. The designer outfits this farmhouse bathroom with an expansive butcher-block vanity shelf. Exposed matte-black hardware freshens the rustic wood shelf and grants the space a more updated farmhouse look.

modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – Image via HGTV

16. Minimalist Approach In Your Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

This pared-back farmhouse bathroom will bring a fresh start and a relaxing end to each day for homeowners. Vertical shiplap lines the walls, enhancing the height of the room. A freestanding soaking tub with oil-rubbed hardware is nestled against the window, while a classic farmhouse trough sink mounts to the opposite wall.

modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – Image via HGTV

17. Wood On White

People say to get a timeless look for your modern bathroom. You’ll never go wrong with an all-white one. Next up, it can be embellished with a wooden cabinet to keep the spirit of rustic farmhouse style. Moreover, it will be super easy to the mix-and-match decor in a pure white bathroom.

modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – Image via Stocksy

18. The Variety Of Used Surfaces

This bathroom will let you feel light and clean yet exciting. The design leans towards neutral colors and a lot of texture. Various surfaces such as shiplap, subway tile, herringbone marble may add interest where the color palette is minimal.

modern farmhouse bathroom modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom – Image via Irwin Builds

19. Neutral Tone And Raw Wood

This modern farmhouse bathroom has a soothing ambiance thanks to pastel paint on the shiplap walls. However, it still retains the rustic look of a farmhouse.

We can use a modern sink, candelabra bulbs in the sconces, and details like country-style metal light fixtures and floating rustic wood and metal shelves for a luxurious contemporary touch.

modern farmhouse bathroom
Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decor – Image via Jenna Sue Design

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