22 Touching Pet Memorial Ideas To Honor Your Furry Friends

The passing of a pet can leave its owners with a heavy heart. So having some kind of keepsake to remember their pet after death can provide comfort and positive thoughts as well as happy memories to many pet parents. 

As a matter of fact, they always want to create a lasting memento that pays tribute to the special place their dogs or cats had in their hearts and their lives. That’s why we’ve rounded a list of pet memorial ideas that help you express your grief and love to your furry pal.

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1. Pet Memorial Ideas For Home

1.1. Pencil Sketch Pet Memorial Canvas

It is said that once you’ve had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a diminished life. That’s so sad but true. To honor your pet’s memory when they pass, it would be a good idea to hang a pencil sketch canvas in your home.

pencil sketch canvas
Personalized your own pencil sketch canvas

1.2. Pet Portrait Canvas

Anyone who has been through the loss of a beloved dog knows how hard the situation is. Yes, it can be extremely difficult. To help with the grieving, you may want to do something special to respect your loyal friend’s memory. How about a pet portrait canvas?

pet portrait canvas
Discover this pet portrait canvas

1.3. Customized Photo Canvas

Do you have any memorial photos of your pet on your smartphone or camera? Just upload it on Canvaspersonalized’s website and let them do the rest for you. There are up to five sizes available and two versions, horizontal and vertical canvas. Moreover, you can choose to have it framed or not. 

customized pet canvas
Discover this customized photo pet canvas

1.4. Pet Memorial Shelf

Just like a memory box, but now you dedicate a small corner of your home to your pet and hang a memorial shelf where you can put their urn, clothes, collar, favorite toys. Additionally, it would look great to place a portrait wall art of your loved one above the shelf.

pet memorial shelf
Pet memorial ideas – Image via Etsy

1.5. Pet Wind Chimes

If your pet adored spending time in the backyard or on the patio, creating an outdoor pet memorial would be fitting. Every time you hear the wind blowing through the wind chime, you’ll think of your pal.

pet wind chimes
Pet memorial ideas – Image via Amazon

1.6. Pet Memorial Garden Stone

In addition to a personalized wind chime, why not place a pet memorial garden stone in the garden when your furry friend likes to hang out? They’re not going anywhere. They’re staying right here with you, where they belong. 

pet memorial garden stone
Pet memorial ideas – Image via Ubuy

1.7. Pet Memorial Scrapbook

Create a memorial scrapbook for your pet so you always have something to look back on when you remember him. The attached photos can be special moments in your pet’s life, like the first time you brought them home or the funny things they have done. Anything you want to keep in the scrapbook is fine.

pet memorial scrapbook
Pet memorial ideas – Image via Walmart

2. Pet Loss Sympathy Gifts

It is undeniable that losing a furry friend can be just as devastating as losing a human companion. If a family member, a friend or someone you love is dealing with such a tragedy, one of the best ways to help them overcome sadness and depression is to give them a pet memorial gift.

2.1. Pet Collar Frame

The pet’s collar is a part of their memory, and it’s something many pet owners hold close to their hearts. Framing the collar with their pet’s photo and hanging it on a nice spot in the living room may sound like a great idea. This is such a keepsake that reminds them of their pal whenever looking at the frame.

pet collar frame
Pet memorial ideas – Image via Carmaonlineshop

2.2. Pet Memory Boxes

Keep all your most cherished memories in one place with a beautiful pet keepsake box. There’s room for a leash, favorite toys, photos, and other items that remind you of your four-legged friend.

pet memory box
Pet memorial ideas – Image via Ubuy

2.3. Personalized Stuffed Pet

Although it’s just a custom-made stuffed pet that looks like their dog or cat, this is such a unique way to keep the pets around long after they have gone. Moreover, it’ll be a great pet memorial gift for their kids, who dearly loved and missed that adorable furry friend.

personalized stuffed pet
Pet memorial ideas – Image via FSM Media

2.4. Customized Pet Mug

Wherever they go, the cutie follows. How lovely that hairy face greets them every morning! Get a customized pet mug to keep their pet’s figure close to your friend. 

customized pet mug
Pet memorial ideas – Image via Wolfie Puppy

2.5. Personalized Pet Blanket

Here’s a pet memorial that is soft and cozy while paying tribute to their devoted friend. A gorgeous photo of your pet, as well as their name, will be printed onto a super-soft and durable fleece, each of which comes in a variety of sizes.

personalized pet blanket
Get this memorial pet blanket at Hayooo

2.6. Pet Loss Quote Canvas

Pet loss quotes are considered encouraging you during the difficult time of losing a friend who was your constant companion. Similarly, pet loss quote wall art can also help to uplift your spirit too. So don’t hesitate to get one and hang it near your best pal’s favorite spot.

pet loss quote canvas
Buy this pet quote canvas now!

3. Unique Pet Memorial Ideas

3.1. Pet Memorial Tattoo 

Tattoos have become a common way to memorialize a loved one who has passed. Therefore, this can be a touching tribute to your lost furry friend but make sure you think it through before getting a pet memorial tattoo.

pet memorial tattoo
Pet memorial ideas – Image via Design Milk

You had better talk to a good tattooist about your options. Things like paw prints and pictures are quite popular. Consider getting a paw print taken before your pet is cremated or buried. 

Some people take the idea of including their pet’s ashes in the ink, however, this is not recommended by good tattooists due to the process of putting an unhygienic object into your skin. Consequently, it can lead to nasty infections.

3.2. Cremation Jewelry

Missing the feeling of your pet can be one of the hardest parts of losing your companion. Now it is possible to create cremation glass jewelry by fusing your pet’s ashes into the colored handmade glass. Then turn it into a necklace and keep it along with you for the long haul.

cremation jewelry
Pet memorial ideas – Image via Miracle Memorial

3.3. Felt Pet Replica

You’ve probably heard about knitted goods made from pet fur. You can even place your pet’s ashes inside the masterpiece or incorporate his or her hair into the felt used to make the sculptures.

felt pet replica
Pet memorial ideas – Image via American Kennel Club

4. Pet memorial activities 

4.1. Memorial Pet Funeral

A pet funeral is a way to commemorate a pet’s life, just as you would for other family members. Even if you don’t bury your pet at a pet cemetery, you can still plan your event at home or at another location like a park that your pet loved. During the funeral is the time you reminisce about the good old days with your pal. 

memorial pet funeral
Pet memorial ideas – Image via Unsplash

4.2. Planting A Tree 

When we lose our beloved pets, many of us want to return them to nature by placing them in the garden. We want their final resting place to be the place they roamed and played in the past. 

So, planting a tree, bush, or flowers outdoors is a good way to pay tribute to your passed pet. Every time you water, the scent of the flowers or the shade of the plant will remind you of your furry friend.

pet memorial ideas
Pet memorial ideas – Image via Unsplash

The thing is a lot of people put their pet ashes into the soil when planting a memorial tree. As a matter of fact, doing so may be extremely harmful to plants, and hence damages your living memorial spot.

4.3. Pet memorial urn

Instead of placing the ashes in the ground or the sea, you can place them in a rock-shaped urn that is made to be outside. The best part is, if you need to move, you can take your pet’s ashes with you to your new place. This is such an earth-friendly alternative, rather than land scattering as well as sea scattering.

pet memorial urn
Pet memorial ideas – Image via Spirit pieces

4.4. Sharing Something Your Dog Loved

Let’s consider a creative tribute like this one. You can allow other dog owners to take something that brought joy to your dog’s life, whether it’s a game of frisbee, treat, or a tennis ball.

pet memorial ideas
Pet memorial ideas – Image via I heart dogs

4.5. Donating To An Animal Rescue Shelter

There are a lot of pets out there in need, so why not do something good? Gifting funds or other items in honor of your pet to a pet shelter, animal rescue, or other animal organization helps your pet’s memory live on.

animal rescue shelter donation
Pet memorial ideas – Image via Country Living Magazine

4.6. Volunteering

Pet lovers might not be ready for a new adoption right after losing a beloved pet. So, in this case, volunteering, especially with animals in need, is a way to feel connected to animals without a long-term commitment. Doing good for others is also a great method to focus on the positives after a loss.

pet memorial ideas
Pet memorial ideas – Image via Warrington Animal Welfare

Nothing can indeed replace your departed friend. We hope after reading this blog, you can find a way to commemorate your pet’s life and time with you. If you want us to write more about this topic, just leave a comment below. And don’t forget to enter your name and email in the “ Join our VIP list” box to access our special excluded offers.