20+ Things To Do For Your Anniversary: Make Your Day Memorable

If your anniversary is approaching, you may be seeking romantic ways to show how much you love your spouse. In this blog, we’ll look at some unique things to do for your anniversary. So check out our favorite ideas to mark another memorable year for those looking for an experience (and not just anniversary gifts).

1. Return to the First Date Spot

Whether it’s where you first met, first date, first time saying “I love you”, engaged or married reliving an important moment will bring out all of your emotions. So, instead of going there together on your anniversary, you can go solo and meet up at the place to recreate the magic of your first date.

Things to do for your anniversary
Things to do for your anniversary (image via Eharmony)

2. Take a Class With Your Partner

You should find a lesson that both of you will enjoy. There are classes on everything from cooking to painting, to canvas prints to even dancing! Learning something new together will help strengthen your relationship. It may even turn into a new hobby if you enjoy it.

Things to do for your anniversary
Learning cooking (image via One Eleven)

3. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities such as from a hot air balloon, soaring through sunrise or sunset while enjoying the view will pump up your love as you and your partner go on an incredible aerial adventure.

Things to do for your anniversary
Things to do for your anniversary (image via Oliver Denker)

4. Breakfast at Bed

To enjoy the leisure of an anniversary, you do not have to travel far. So if it’s a weekday, get up early and prepare your partner a special meal before heading off to work and leave a lovely note by your partner’s nightstand.

Things to do for your anniversary
Things to do for your anniversary (image via Pinterest)

Getting out of your usual routine will help liven things up and allow you more time to focus on each other.

5. Share Your Feelings

Write little toasts to each other for a week and then share them on your big day. When you consider why you love someone and then communicate that with them, it matters a lot.

Things to do for your anniversary
Things to do for your anniversary (image via Healthline)

6. Picnic at the Park for Anniversary

If your anniversary falls during the summer, take a picnic to a nearby park for a romantic date. The best part is that it’s almost free for a couple who enjoys being outside.

Things to do for your anniversary
Go for a picnic (image via Roman Samborskyi)

7. Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is a great sport for winter wedding anniversaries. You can hold hands and take stops to drink hot cocoa and warm up as you skate around. The difficulty of remaining on your own two feet will make you both giggle.

Things to do for your anniversary
Things to do for your anniversary (image via LightField Studios)

8. Take an Adventure

Why not do an adventure for your anniversary? Take a hike if you live in the mountains. Alternatively, depending on your schedule, you’ll be able to organize a full-day trip or a sunrise hike. If you live near a beach, it’s a great idea to head to the sand for a day of fun in the sun.

Take a hike
Take a hike (image via soft_light)

9. Take Photo Shoot

Some couples only have professional photos taken together once or twice in their lives. Take photos on lesser events, such as an anniversary, maybe a treasured gift, as well as a date day. So dress up, go to one of your favorite places with your partner, and let your love shine.

Take a photo shoot
Things to do for your anniversary (image via Pinterest)

10. Spend money on self-care

After such a busy year, you and your loved one both deserve some unplugged pampering time together. So treat yourselves to a peaceful session together, from a couples massage to facials.

Anniversary for relaxing
The couple is doing restoring face masks (image via H_Ko)

11. Have a Home Cook-Off

An anniversary is a great reason to get together with friends and family for a cocktail or dinner celebration hosted by the happy couple. For a more cost-effective option, one person cooks dinner while the other is in charge of dessert. Invite your family and friends to join you in celebrating your love.

Home cooking
Home cooking (image via Pinterest)

12. Plan to Give Each Other Unique Gifts

That means no precious jewelry or other expensive things. Instead, give a heartfelt gift, such as a photo album of memories or a custom wedding anniversary canvas upon request.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Wedding Anniversary Gifts at Canvas Personalized

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13. Spend the Evening Cherishing Memories

Look through old images, films, and love letters to recall how you started and how far you’ve come. This is also an excellent time for you to write each other a love note in which you may convey your sentiments.

Things to do for your anniversary
Things to do for your anniversary(image via Melissa Jill Photography)

14. Visit A Comedy Club

Find out if any professional comedians are performing in your region around the time of your anniversary, or go to an open mic and enjoy the local talent. An excellent show will put you in a good mood as well as make you laugh.

Anniversary date
Anniversary date (image via Tyler Olson)

15. Play Games

There are a variety of games you may play close to home, ranging from arcades to mini-golf. If it’s been a while since you’ve played any sports, basketball would be a fun and unique experience for you two. To make it a pleasant competition, the loser pays for the winner’s drink!

Things to do for your anniversary
Things to do for your anniversary (image via Liderina)

16. Go Fishing

There are so many lovely things to do in the great outdoors. Spend a day together, away from your phones. At the lake, you can sit back, relax, and catch a few fish. Between catches, you’ll have plenty of time to talk and reminisce on the previous year.

Couple go fishing
Things to do for your anniversary (image via nada54)

17. Visit a Restaurant or Rooftop Bar

Celebrate your love with delicious cuisine and a breathtaking vista. Is there anything more romantic than that? Of course, you may have to pay a little more for the surroundings, but it’s worth it for your anniversary, isn’t it?

Wedding Anniversary For Couple
Wedding Anniversary For Couple (image via Dragon Images)

18. Catch Sunset

So romantic with a sunset. Set off on a sunset boat trip if you live near the beach or a lake, which makes for a genuinely romantic evening.

catch sunset
Catch sunset – wedding anniversary ideas (image via Vicente Alfonso)

Alternatively, you can find a local area ideal for watching the sunset and then spread out a custom anniversary blanket or even stay in your car to watch the sunset. Make sure to bring some food with you on the trip.

19. Head To A Street Fair

Different cuisines and cultures from the area are celebrated at street fairs. Choose an event that both of you will like, such as a wine and food festival or an art festival.

Things to do for your anniversary
Things to do for your anniversary (image via Whiteaster)

20. See a Movie

Watching movies is a popular date night activity, but for an even more romantic experience, visit a drive-in theater or attend an outdoor movie screening. Is it possible to get any cuter than this?

Drive-in movie
Things to do for your anniversary (image via BAZA Production)

You can have a romantic anniversary date that is enjoyable and special wherever you are with a little foresight and planning. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!