Production Process

How we make the best canvas print gift from your idea?

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1st Step: Begin with Our Artist

We make canvas paintings from our ideas and labour. The meticulousness in the design process results in a perfect picture.

To complete high-quality canvas painting, our artists are always focused on image resolution, size, and using design tools that take a careful look at every detail of the image. Image fixed by our artists is always free such as removing blemishes, image noise, and more. Make sure the product created full HD standard and clearly.

Use email or note to talk with our designers to get your image just how you want it. You can see a preview before we turn your photo into a canvas print.


2nd Step: Use Only Premium Materials

The Wood Frame: The wooden frame for the canvas painting is a super premium 100% pine that is kiln-dried to help prevent warping in the future. 

The Ink: We use UL-certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink. Combined in the printing process, our state-of-the-art printers help recreate your photos onto the canvas with the most clarity, detail and keep the original colors from your photo.

The Canvas: We choose to use high-quality canvas fabric. At this stage, we always perform print quality control to ensure consistent colors and free from any defects.


3rd Step: Owns a Professional Production Line

We own a canvas painting factory directly in the USA. Our manufacturing processes are of high-quality standards and most of the steps are done by manual, meticulous, and careful methods to ensure absolute precision. During the assembly of the slats, our staff personally hand-selected and checked for imperfections including bows, cracks, bad joints, and knots. Each stretcher is measured and hand saws to ensure a degree of precision and when assembling it using jigs to make sure every frame is straight and true. 

Canvas fabric is pulled tight. This is the most difficult and most important step to help perfect canvas painting. We then use splints and pins instead of glue to ensure the strength and durability of the frame. Finally, the picture will be completed with wooden corner braces and cross braces to add structural rigidity to the frame and prevent the frame from skewing.

4th Step: Pack Your Canvas Carefully

Our canvas wall art is wrapped in a protective film before being packed manually with the utmost care, before being handed over to a trusted shipping partner.