21 Festive And Trendy Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas

Christmas lights and trees! What a beautiful sight! Yes, the joyous Christmas season has returned, complete with lights, glitter, and magical enchantment. Although the Christmas tree is the most choice for Christmas decor, there are other fascinating ways to decorate your living room for the holidays! With these Christmas living room decor ideas, you may make it a winter paradise this year.

1. Christmas Living Room Decor Trends

1.1. Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Are you ready to decorate your living room with farmhouse style? There are plenty of simple ways to get a farmhouse Christmas look.

Farmhouse Christmas living room decor
Farmhouse Christmas living room decor. Source: Twelve On Main
Farmhouse Christmas living room decor
There’s no place like home wall art for living room decor

You can strung dried oranges, pinecones, or Christmas scented salt dough ornaments with nylon thread to make your handmade decorations. For farmhouse Christmas tree, plaid garland or burlap ribbon hung around it.

Buffalo plaid christmas decor
Buffalo plaid Christmas decor. Source: Decor Home Ideas

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1.2. Coastal Christmas Decor

Many people begin with coastal colors such as turquoise, teal, and baby blue. However, you may also utilize greens, reds, and other classic Christmas colors in your house!

Coastal Christmas decor
Coastal Christmas decor with beach aisle canvas

To combine your coastal decor theme into Christmas decor, you may mix and match various coastal decorations such as seashells, starfish, crabs, lobsters, and more.

Christmas Living Room Decor
Decorate a beachy Christmas tree

1.4. White Christmas Living Room

Only in a few places can you see dancing snowflakes and dazzling snow. So, what about people who aren’t fortunate enough to live in these locations? They may create a stunning white paradise in their houses. White Christmas decor creates the illusion of a bright and spacious atmosphere.

Let’s see some white Christmas living room decor ideas!

Christmas Living Room Decor
Personalized street sign canvas for white Christmas room
White Christmas living room
White Christmas living room. Source: Pinterest
White Christmas tree
White Christmas tree. Source: Houzz

1.5. Minimalist Living Room For Christmas

Subtle details like silver and gold decorations on the bookcases, foliage hung upside down to simulate small trees, a forest owl snow globe, pinecones, and fuzzy cushions provide a peaceful, refined take on the season.

Christmas living room
Christmas living room decor ideas. Source: Sarah Dorio

1.6. Neutral Christmas Living Room

Neutrals are popular in home design. If you enjoy the beige, white, and black-toned decor, these neutral Christmas decor ideas are for you this holiday season. There will be no bright red, but there will be light, subdued colors of holiday houses!

Christmas Living Room Decor
Christmas living room decor. Source: Kacey Gilpin

1.7. Boho Christmas Decor

Express most daring self with boho Christmas decor if you like bright colors, textures, and patterns. Try a rose gold Christmas tree to add color and pattern to your space.

Bohemian Christmas living room
Bohemian Christmas living room. Source: Hayneedle

Being surrounded by enough greenery is essential in boho fashion. A classic garland on your tree or a few green branches in a vase can add color and life to your space during the winter.

Boho Christmas living room decor
Christmas living room decor. Source: Hayneedle

2. Most Popular Christmas Decor Ideas 2022

2.1. Make The Mantel New Appearance

The holidays are all about spending time with family and friends around the fireplace. Because your mantel will be the center of attention during the holidays, deck it out with everything from garland to red candlesticks. Just remember to include some of your favorite accessories as well.

Christmas mantel decor
Christmas mantel decor. Source: House Beautiful

2.2. Hang Christmas Wall Art

Aside from the obvious decor hubs, such as the fireplace, simple pieces of Christmas wall decor can be used to sprinkle little festive surprises throughout the house. Hanging Christmas canvas can be used to add a festive element to a blank wall space.

Christmas canvas
Country Scene With Red Pickup Truck
Christmas living room decor ideas
Christmas living room decor ideas: Canvas 1, Canvas 2, Canvas 3

2.3. Decorate Living Room With Garlands

Garlands are an excellent choice for any home with a lot of wall space. Layers of green garlands will be interconnected to create a display that spans the entire wall. Garlands aren’t just for walls; consider making a Christmas garland for a staircase to take your decor scheme to the next level.

Garlands for Christmas living room decor

2.4. Add A DIY Touch

The holidays can be a great time to show off your artistic skills. Paper crafts are a great way to get the whole family involved. Homemade paper decorations are a fun and inexpensive way to finish off any Christmas decorating scheme. The possibilities with paper are virtually limitless. There are numerous ways to add a homemade touch with papercrafts, such as paper chains, garlands, and more.

DIY Xmax decorations
DIY Xmax decorations. Source: Dove Cottage Blog

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2.5. Stick Snowflake On Windows

Of course, everyone’s attention will draw to your Christmas tree, but drawing attention to your windows is also a good idea. To complete your Christmas living room look, you need snowflake accents.

Christmas Living Room Decor
Christmas Living Room Decor. Source: Amazon

2.6. Mix And Match

There’s no need to take down non-festive decorations or hide them all. Instead, appreciate the beauty of eclecticism. Rather than rearranging your favorite bookshelves, simply add in some pretty Christmas extras. This is a simple way to achieve a fantastic low-cost Christmas look.

Christmas bookshelf decor
Christmas bookshelf decor. Source: House Beautiful

2.7. Set up a makeshift bar

An elegant sideboard is ideal for serving drinks from, as well as tucking away all manner of paraphernalia. Make sure you have a lamp or candles nearby to create a pool of diffused light. Add colored glass or ornaments to echo the tones and create a harmonious finish if you’ve chosen vibrant colors, such as this aquamarine armchair or a purple rug.

Christmas Living Room Decor
Christmas Living Room Decor. Source: Ideal Home

2.8. Create A Focal Point With A Simple Centerpiece

You don’t have to make a big show of decorations to make an impression. A simple display on a coffee table can perfectly set the scene.

Christmas Living Room Decor
Christmas Living Room Decor. Christmas wall art.

Simple items you may already have on display, such as a hurricane lantern, can be transformed into festive decorations with the addition of some twinkling lights and a cluster of rustic pine cones. To give the display a truly Christmas feel, add a small tree ornament.